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Center of Occupational Health & Education (COHE) is a pilot project funded by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries to improve outcomes for injured workers and to prevent disability.

There are two pilot projects in operation in the state of Washington. The first project began in Renton at Valley Medical Center. The second was started in December 2002 in Spokane at St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute. Both Projects have as their objectives:

  • To improve occupational health expertise by mentoring physicians who deal with injured workers.
  • To streamline the return to work process.
  • To increase efficiency and communication amongst stakeholders in the occupational health community.
  • To enhance stakeholder satisfaction through the innovative use of technology including web-based applications, telehealth, and expert systems.
  • To improve injured worker outcomes.
  • To prevent disability.


WSU has been a COHE Employer since July 1, 2006. By partnering with the St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute team, we have been able to increase communication with Labor & Industries.





The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) prohibits employers and other entities covered by GINA Title II from requesting or requiring genetic information of an individual or family member of the individual. To comply with this law, we are asking that you do not provide any genetic information when responding to this request for medical information. “Genetic information” as defined by GINA includes an individual’s family medical history, the results of an individual’s or family member’s genetic tests, the fact that an individual or an individual’s family member sought or received genetic services, and genetic information of a fetus carried by an individual or an individual’s family member or an embryo lawfully held by an individual or family member receiving assistive reproductive services”

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