Human Resource Services

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Human Resource Services

139 French Administration Building
PO Box 641014
Pullman, WA 99164-1014
509-335-1259 fax

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Human Resource Services Organizational Chart

Theresa Elliot-Cheslek
, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer
Human Resource Services

Administrative Services
 Lisa Neal, Assistant Director  509-335-3037
 Patrick Keopanapay,  IS Manager  509-335-2102
 William Phung, IT Specialist 2  509-335-5300
 Steven Reynolds, IT Specialist 2  509-335-9455
 Casey Manahan, HR Assistant  509-335-3031
Employment Services
 Lisa Gehring, Associate Director  509-335-4521
 Bonnie Ankrom Wilmoth, HR Consultant  509-335-9594
 Heather Burchell, HR Consultant  509-335-5848
 Bonnie Carothers, HR Consultant  509-335-1969
 Sabrina McPherson, HR Consultant  509-335-8683
 Ariane Oglesbee, HR Consultant
 Anita Orton, HR Consultant  509-335-1231
 Zami Wilson, Area HR Administrator  509-335-5263
 Allison Garcia, HR Analyst  509-335-4580
 Joe Wagner, HR Analyst  509-335-6998
 Jaide Wilhelm, Recruitment Specialist
 Viviana Dongo-Misch, HR Assistant  509-335-1760
 Teddi Phares, HR Assistant  509-335-8331
 Melissa Pond, HR Assistant  509-335-0895
 HRS Service Teams    
Disability Services
 Kendra Wilkins-Fontenot, Assistant Director  509-335-4521
 Julie Carter, HR Analyst  509-335-2523
 Rhonda Wallen, HR Assistant Senior  509-335-8329
 Hally Rohla, HR Assistant  509-335-1067
Employee Benefits
 Ann Monroe, Assistant Director  509-335-4521
 Mary Monaghan, HR Consultant, Retirement  509-335-1819
 Tracy Vaughn, HR Assistant Senior  509-335-5819
 Cori Purnell, HR Assistant  509-335-1324
 Jen Smith, HR Assistant  509-335-1759
 Emily Vander Zanden, HR Assistant  509-335-2656
Employee Records and Compliance
 Lisa Neal, Assistant Director  509-335-3037
 Lori Miller, HR Analyst  509-335-3121
 Sally Wickizer, HR Analyst  509-335-1293
 Michele Donovan, HR Assistant Senior  509-335-3163
 Candy Hachmann, HR Assistant  509-335-8533
 Kelsey Landowski, HR Assistant  509-335-9417
 Gail Pacopac, Office Assistant 2  509-335-4521
 Position Control
 William Deng, Fiscal Tech 2   509-335-5091
Employee Training and Development
 David Schmidt, Training & Development Specialist  509-335-2158
 Andrea Payne, HR Consultant Assistant 1  509-335-9819
Labor Relations
 Kendra Wilkins-Fontenot, Assistant Director  509-335-4521
 Kristin Lincoln, HR Assistant  509-335-9421
Enterprise Services Project
 Jennifer Klein, Project Lead  509-335-4521
WSU Spokane
 Diane Wick, HR Director, WSU Spokane   509-358-7553
 Yvonne Montoya Zamora, HR Generalist   509-358-7554
 Emily Christensen, HR Assistant   509-358-7663
 Jessica Torres, Office Assistant 3   509-358-7566
HRS Pullman Liaison for WSU Spokane
 Ariane Oglesbee, HR Consultant
WSU Tri-Cities
 Debra McCormick, HR Consultant  509-372-7302
 Jessica Mejia, HR Assistant  509-372-7418
HRS Pullman Liaison for WSU Tri-Cities 
Ariane Oglesbee, HR Consultant
WSU Vancouver
 Randy Boose, HR Director, WSU Vancouver  360-546-9595
 Merlinda Sain, HR Analyst  360-546-9587
HRS Pullman Liaison for WSU Vancouver
 Ariane Oglesbee, HR Consultant


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