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Instructor-Led Training Schedule

Last updated: 4/17/2014



Date Course Title Time Video Conference
8/28/2014AIS: Account Balances1:30-3:30Yes
2/13/2015Award Administration: Part One - The Basics 9:00-11:00Yes
2/27/2015Award Administration: Part Two - The Forms9:00-11:00Yes
3/13/2015Award Administration: Part Three - Audits and Audit Issues 9:00-11:30Yes
3/27/2015Award Administration: Part Four - Balances, FACTS and Data Warehouse9:00-11:00Yes
10/17/2014Budgeting for Sponsored Projects9:00-11:00Yes
6/12/2014Business Policies, Procedures and Records Retention 1:00-2:30Yes
10/8/2014Business Policies, Procedures and Records Retention 9:00-10:30Yes
7/10/2014Cash Handling9:00-11:00 
10/23/2014Cash Handling9:00-11:00 
5/1/2014Coaching the Van Driver9:00-11:30 
6/5/2014Coaching the Van Driver1:30-4:00 
7/3/2014Coaching the Van Driver9:00-11:30 
8/7/2014Coaching the Van Driver1:30-4:00 
9/4/2014Coaching the Van Driver9:00-11:30 
10/2/2014Coaching the Van Driver1:30-4:00 
11/6/2014Coaching the Van Driver9:00-11:30 
12/4/2014Coaching the Van Driver1:30-4:00 
6/12/2014Collecting, Managing and Citing Reference Resources with Zotero: A Hands-On Workshop1:00-3:00 
10/8/2014Collecting, Managing and Citing Reference Resources with Zotero: A Hands-On Workshop9:00 -11:00 
4/30/2014Communicating for Results1:30-4:00 
4/22/2014Computer and Network Security Awareness9:00 -11:00Yes
9/11/2014Computer and Network Security Awareness1:30-3:30Yes
11/5/2014Conflict Resolution and Negotiation7:30-9:00Yes
5/27/2014Coping with Stress9:00-11:00 
11/13/2014Coping with Stress1:30-3:30 
5/7/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
6/4/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
6/25/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
7/2/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
7/30/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
8/6/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
8/27/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
9/3/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
9/24/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
10/1/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
11/5/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
11/26/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
12/3/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
12/24/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
10/29/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
5/28/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
4/30/2014Cultural Competency Training9:00 -12:00 
11/20/2014Dealing with Faculty Personnel Issues7:30-9:00Yes
12/3/2014Dealing with Staff Personnel Issues7:30-9:00Yes
1/21/2015Dealing with Student Issues7:30-9:00Yes
5/14/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
6/11/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
7/9/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
8/13/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
9/10/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
10/8/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
12/10/2014Department Pay1:30-3:00 Yes
6/11/2014Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention - An Overview
9/23/2014Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Prevention - An Overview1:30-3:00Yes
4/24/2014 Dreaded Conversations 9:30-11:00 Yes
11/6/2014Dreaded Conversations2:00-3:30Yes
12/5/2014 Effort Certification and Cost Sharing 9:00-11:00 Yes
Various Dates New Employee Retirement Orientation
Visit the Employee Orientation Schedule for details.
Various Times Yes
5/13/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
6/10/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
7/8/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
8/5/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
9/2/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
9/30/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
10/28/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
12/2/2014Electronic Forms System Training2:00-3:00 
4/29/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
5/27/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
6/24/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
7/22/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
8/19/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
9/16/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
11/18/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
12/16/2014Electronic Forms System Training9:30-11:00 
10/15/2014Emotional Intelligence 1:30-3:00          Yes
8/6/2014EndNote: Beginners Class10:00-12:00 
10/29/2014EndNote: Beginners Class10:00-12:00 
8/14/2014EndNote: Cite While You Write
11/13/2014EndNote: Cite While You Write
9/25/2014Faculty Performance Reviews7:30-9:00Yes
6/3/2014Finding and Getting Library Resources1:00-3:00 
9/17/2014Finding and Getting Library Resources1:00-3:00 
4/24/2014Fiscal Audits and Internal Controls9:00-11:30Yes
12/2/2014Fiscal Audits and Internal Controls9:00-11:30Yes
11/13/2014Graduate Assistantship Processing 1:30-3:00Yes
7/15/2014Graduate Assistantship Processing
6/19/2014I-9 Services Training9:00-10:30           Yes
10/30/2014I-9 Services Training9:00-10:30           Yes
11/21/2014Ins and Outs of Contracts9:00-11:00Yes
10/14/2014Introduction to WSU Accounting Systems9:00-11:00Yes
7/17/2014Keeping Up and Keeping Track1:00-3:00 
10/21/2014Keeping Up and Keeping Track9:00-11:00 
10/23/2014Leadership and Communication7:30-9:00Yes
9/26/2014Life Cycle of a Sponsored Project9:00- 11:00Yes
9/24/2014Managing and Reconciling your Unit Budget9:00-11:30Yes
10/8/2014Managing Your Unit's Budget7:30-9:00Yes
Various Dates New Employee Orientation
Visit the Employee Orientation Schedule for details.
Various Times  Frequently
4/24/2014Overview of Purchasing Card Program for Approving Officials1:30 -2:30Yes
7/17/2014Overview of Purchasing Card Program for Approving Officials1:30 -2:30Yes
10/23/2014Overview of Purchasing Card Program for Approving Officials1:30 -2:30Yes
9/18/2014PERMS Training1:30-3:00Yes
12/3/2014PERMS Training1:30-3:00Yes
7/16/2014PERMS Training9:30-11:00Yes
6/12/2014Public Records and Records Requests 2:45-3:45Yes
10/8/2014Public Records and Records Requests 10:45-11:45Yes
5/1/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
6/5/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
7/3/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
8/7/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
9/4/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
10/2/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
11/6/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
12/4/2014Purchasing Card Training1:30 -3:30Yes
11/7/2014Proposal Submission, Review, and Acceptance9:00 -11:30Yes
9/12/2014Research Administration Update9:00 -11:30Yes
1/16/2015Research Compliance Overview9:00-11:00Yes
5/29/2014State Ethics Law1:30-3:00 Yes
10/16/2014State Ethics Law2:15-3:45 Yes
12/9/2014State Ethics Law9:30-11:00 Yes
7/30/2014State Ethics Law10:15-11:45 Yes
9/6/2014Supervisor as Leader1:30-3:30Yes
9/30/2014Supervisor as Motivator1:30-3:00Yes
4/23/2014Supervisor as Safety Manager9:30-11:00Yes
10/28/2014Supervisor as Safety Manager1:30-3:00Yes
7/22/2014TEMPS Training9:00-11:00 
10/16/2014TEMPS Training9:00-11:00 
4/23/2014Time Report Training1:30-3:00 Yes
7/17/2014Time Report Training9:00-10:30 Yes
10/22/2014Time Report Training1:30-3:00 Yes
6/5/2014Travel: Basic Forms and Procedures9:00-12:00 Yes
8/7/2014Travel: Basic Forms and Procedures9:00-12:00 Yes
10/2/2014Travel: Basic Forms and Procedures9:00-12:00 Yes
12/4/2014Travel: Basic Forms and Procedures9:00-12:00 Yes
2/5/2015Understanding Diversity, Ethics and Workplace Harassment7:30-9:00 Yes
4/10/2015Understanding Facilities and Administration Costs9:00-11:00Yes
9/10/2014Understanding the University Budget1:30-3:30Yes
3/26/2015Understanding the University Budget7:30-9:00Yes
9/10/2014 University Overview; Faculty Recruitment, Mentoring and Retention 7:30-9:00 Yes
Various Dates Wellbeing Program workshops Various Times  Frequently
7/30/2014Whistleblower Act9:00-10:00Yes
10/16/2014Whistleblower Act1:00-2:00Yes
2/25/2015Working with Regional Campuses7:30-9:00Yes
6/4/2014Workplace Communication 1:30-4:00Yes
10/22/2014Workplace Communication 9:00-11:30Yes
9/25/2014WORQS Training9:00-10:30 Yes
12/20/2014WORQS Training1:30-3:00 Yes

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