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For civil service, bargaining unit covered, administrative professional and faculty employees. Assists in handling leave requests for medical leave, domestic violence leave, or various types of military leave, for the employee and employee's family members situation.

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Medical Leave

Civil Service Employees

Faculty & Administrative Professional Employees

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WAC's Applicable to Civil Service Employees/Family Medical Leave

WAC 357-31-525 What is an employee entitled to under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993?

WAC 357-31-530 Under the FMLA of 1993, how is an eligible employee defined?

WAC 357-31-535 Who designates absences which meet the criteria of the FMLA?

WAC 357-31-540 Who chooses if an employee will use paid leave or leave without pay for absences granted under the FMLA?

WAC 357-31-545 Under the FMLA, can an employee request an intermittent or reduced schedule?

WAC 357-31-550 When an employee returns from an absence designated as FMLA, what position will the employee return to?

WAC 357-31-555 Must employers continue health insurance benefits when an employee is on leave designated as FMLA?

Shared Leave

Contact Human Resource Services to request the Shared Leave Donation Form.

WAC's Applicable to Civil Service Employees/Shared Leave

WAC 357-31-425 What types of leave can an employee donate for the purposes of the state leave sharing program?

WAC 357-31-430 How will shared leave be administered?

WAC 357-31-435 Must employees use their own leave before using shared leave?

WAC 357-31-440 How must employees who are receiving shared leave be treated during their absence?

WAC 357-31-445 What happens to leave that was donated under the state leave sharing program and was not used by the recipient?

WAC 357-31-450 Must an employee who receives shared leave repay the value of the leave that he or she used?

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