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Supervisory Training Resources

Supervisory Training Resources


Below is an alphabetical list of all the titles included in the WSU Supervisory Training Series.  Near each title are links to some or all of the following resources:

  • Presentation files
  • Course handouts
  • Video streams*
  • SkillSoft resources for additional study**

Each course title is also a link to its course description page in your WSU Online Learning System.  At that site you will find an additional link to enroll in a scheduled session of that topic.

* Videostreams are available in Windows Media Version only.  Also, they are intended as self-selected opportunities for personal/professional development.  Viewing of these video streams will not be reflected on your HRS/SkillSoft training history.

** Always consult with Human Resource Services before relying exclusively on SkillSoft resources.

Business Policies, Procedures and Records Retention
This workshop discusses how to use the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, how the manual is updated and its history. Records scheduling, records retention and state records requirements are also examined.

Computer and Network Security Awareness
This course highlights best computer security practices - and most common mistakes - to help you protect yourself from hoaxes, spyware, phishing, ID theft, copyright issues, spam, viruses, social engineering. Appropriate WSU policies are also identified.  

Equal Opportunity Issues for Supervisors
This course focuses upon EEO/AA/ADA issues as related to recruitment and selection of employees.  It includes strategies for making the best use of advertising, screening applications, and interviewing.

Fair Labor Standards Act
This module provides supervisors with an overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and overtime standards within Washington State University. It explains who is covered under FLSA, outlines the Washington Administrative Code overtime standards, reviews meal and rest period requirements, provides guidance for hours worked during travel, highlights potential penalties for non-compliance, and demonstrates an overall overtime management for supervisors.

 Labor Relations
This class addresses the statutory provisions for collective bargaining, current Washington State laws and regulations associated with collective bargaining and civil service reform, the labor relations structure at WSU, bargaining unit employee rights, the role of stewards, and the grievance procedure.

Leave Policies and Practices
This class is designed to provide supervisors with an overview of leave, FMLA and shared leave policies, procedures and practices.

Online Learning Management
The thousands of courses and books in WSU's Online Learning Resources System are available to all current WSU employees and students, but those designated as "Online Learning Managers" have additional privileges that further enable the accomplishment of departmental training initiatives and development needs. This course describes the functions in a step-by-step format.

Public Records and Records Requests
This course is designed to acquaint managers with the basics of the Public Records Law, the types of records that are public and must be produced, the new WSU policy relating to public records, the process for responding thereto and the university Public Records Officer.

Reasonable Accommodation
This course examines WSU's Reasonable Accommodation process for employees and explores ways supervisors can avoid pitfalls when managing the disabled worker.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Supervisor
This course provides an overview of the multiple roles and legal responsibilities of the supervisor.  Additionally, the four primary functions of the supervisor are addressed along with the supervisor's responsibilities to the organization and to the employees.

State Ethics Law and Whistleblower Act for Supervisors
Beginning with an overview of the State Ethics Law and the Whistle-blower Act, this class features issues and discussion of particular interest to supervisors and managers.  The Ethics in Public Service requirements found in RCW 42.52 and WAC 292 are examined, as well as the use of state resources, conflicts of interest, receipt of gifts and confidential information.

Supervisor as Civil Service Staff Recruiter
This module emphasizes the format of the interview, examining lawful and unlawful inquiries, performance based and open ended questions and reference checking.

Supervisor as Communicator
In this course an overview of the communication process is presented, including frame of reference issues, outcome-centered communication, the four dimensions of communication and listening skills and guidelines for giving constructive feedback.

Supervisor as Leader
This module examines a variety of leadership styles, provides an overview of different leadership theories and focuses upon the application of Blanchard's Situational Leadership model.

Supervisor as Motivator
This class provides an overview of the determinants of behavior and the different theories of motivation, including a discussion on the importance of recognizing and rewarding employees.

Supervisor as Performance Manager:  Corrective Action and Discipline
The objectives of this module are to explain the value of positive and progressive discipline; to recognize how to use discipline to correct improper employee behavior; and to learn how to apply discipline consistently, fairly and impartially. 

Supervisor as Performance Manager:  Developing and Conducting Annual Reviews
This session addresses the purpose, value and the regulatory aspects of regular performance evaluations, how to use the forms and processes involved in performance evaluation and how to assess employee development needs.

Supervisor as Performance Manager: Developing Effective Position Descriptions and Performance Expectations 
The first two building blocks of performance management - job descriptions and job expectations - are examined in this presentation.  The concept of a job expectation, the requirements of a well-written expectation and how to group job expectations for use in performance evaluations and annual reviews are explained.

Supervisor as Safety Manager
This supervisory training course focuses on the new employee safety checklist, the Supervisors' Safety Manual, WSU's Accident Prevention Program and the supervisor's roles in performing inspections and reporting and investigating accidents.

Supervisory Skills Practice and Simulation: Part One
Supervisory Skills Practice and Simulation: Part Two 
These workshops use case studies and simulations to provide practice in applying supervisory knowledge and skills discussed in the first half of the series.

Valuing and Promoting Diversity
This class provides an overview of the Strategic Plan of the Office of Vice President for Equity and Diversity.

Workers Compensation and Return to Work
This module provides an overview of workers' compensation and its benefits, covering procedures to follow when an employee is injured on the job, what the supervisor's role entails and the methods used to return an employee to work.

Workplace Issues and Concerns
This course provides resources and a general overview of  to assist you with a general overview of laws, policies and procedures to assist you with workplace issues and concerns at Washington State University.  Policies discussed include: Workplace Violence, Domestic Violence and Alcohol and Drug.



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