Faculty and Staff on academic or 9-month appointments will have summer premiums and surcharges collected from the last paychecks of the Spring Semester.  Summer premiums for life insurance will be collected from the May 10th paycheck, and medical premiums and surcharges, if any, will be collected from the May 25th paycheck. The lump sum premium will be the equivalent of seven pay periods (a May contribution, and all of June, July and August premiums).

For individuals on other less than 12-month appointments (9.5, 10 or 11 months appointments), deduction dates will vary based on when the summer break occurs.

Additional information can also be found in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Medical Insurance Premiums and Surcharges:

Employees will continue to see medical premiums, as well as any applicable tobacco and/or spouse insurance surcharges collected from the May 25th check. Life insurance premiums for the summer months, however, will be collected from the May 10th check (see next section for additional details).

To view a chart reflecting the lump sum summer medical premiums for individuals on 9-month appointments, click here.

Life Insurance Premiums:

Life insurance summer premiums will be collected on May 10th and reflect seven times the usual pay period amount. The normal pay period premium will be collected on the May 25th paycheck and not be included in the summer lump premium on the 10th.

WSU pays MetLife, the insurance provider, directly on a pay cycle basis.  Therefore, the summer life insurance premiums will be placed in a customer account with University Receivables for each employee, and every pay cycle over the summer, payment to MetLife will be taken from individual’s account. The funds in the University Receivables account will be designated for the life insurance premiums and cannot be used for any other charges an individual may incur on their customer account.

In the event a life insurance change were to occur over the summer which would result in the customer account either being deficient of full premiums, or having a surplus, WSU will collect/refund associated premiums in the Fall when the employee returns to work to bring accounts into balance. Changes that could cause premiums to be deficient or surplus would be an increase in premiums due to a birth date or adding/dropping coverage over the summer, etc.

Summer Benefits Example

An employee has full family coverage (self, spouse, and child(ren)) under Uniform Medical Classic Plan and Employee Supplemental Life Insurance.  They normally pay $145.50 for the UMP, and $45.00 for Life insurance each pay period.

Pay DateMay 10, 2018May 25, 2018
Life Insurance
Life Insurance (Summer Benefits)
+ $270.00 ($45.00 x 6)
Health Insurance
Health Insurance (Summer Benefits)
$145.50 $145.50
+ $873.00($145.50 x 6)


**Normal life insurance deduction on the 5/25 check
**Normal health insurance deduction on the 5/10 check


The following questions and answers primarily address summer benefits for faculty and staff on 9-month appointments. For employees on 9.5, 10 and 11-month appointment terms, payroll deduction dates will vary based on when their summer break occurs.


Q1. I am on a less than 12-month appointment. Will my benefits remain active over the summer months, and if so, how will I pay for those premiums?

A. WSU provides 12-months of coverage for employees on less than 12-month appointments, provided the faculty member or employee will be returning to work at WSU following the summer break. Premiums for the summer months will be collected from the May 10th paycheck (life insurance premiums), and the May 25th paycheck (medical premiums and surcharges).

Q2. Why are summer benefit premiums taken out of two paychecks this year, instead of one?

For 9-month employees, seven pay cycles worth of life insurance premiums, medical insurance premiums, spousal surcharges, and/or tobacco surcharges need to be collected prior to the summer break. To help spread this potentially large amount of premiums out, WSU will be taking the premiums and surcharges from the two May paychecks. This was implemented in Summer 2017.

Q3. What happens if I make changes to my insurance during the summer months?

If you make changes to your coverage during the summer months that result in a change in premiums after the lump sum payment has already been deducted, an over- or under-deduction may have occurred. Any deficient or surplus premiums will be collected or refunded when you return to work in the fall.

Q4. If an individual has a summer appointment during their regular summer break, will insurance premiums or surcharges be collected from those earnings?

No. All summer premiums and surcharges should have been collected at the end of the spring semester, and the need to collect any premiums/surcharges from the summer pay would not be required.

Q5. Will a Faculty member be eligible for summer benefits if they are not returning in the fall?

If a Faculty member is not expected to return to WSU for the fall semester, they are not eligible for summer benefits and their coverage will end May 31, 2018. Premiums would not be collected on the May checks. Departments and Colleges are requested to submit separation PERMS as soon as possible, but no later than the first half of May payroll cutoff to ensure benefits are processed correctly.

Q6. What happens to the life insurance summer premiums already collected on the May 10th pay check if an employee separates during the first half of May?

A refund of the summer portion of life insurance premiums will be issued, possibly as early as the May 25th paycheck. Also, medical premiums would not be withheld from the May 25th paycheck for this individual.

Q7. What if it is unknown if a temporary faculty member’s appointment will be renewed in the fall?

If it is anticipated a temporary faculty member will be reappointed in the fall, they would have summer coverage, and premiums would be collected as described on this webpage. The department would not submit a separation PERMS, hence communicating to HRS and Payroll there is the expectation of a reappointment in the fall.

If it is known the faculty member will not be returning in the fall, or it is unknown at this time, a separation PERMS should be submitted at the end of spring semester reflecting a separation date of May 15, 2018. If the faculty member returns in the fall, please contact HRS to address when benefits can be reactivated.

Q8. Is there anything else I should be aware of regarding my summer premiums?

WSU submits life insurance premiums to MetLife pm a pay cycle basis, even over the summer months. Therefore, the premiums collected from employees on the May 10th paycheck will be placed in a WSU Customer Account, and each pay period. WSU will pay the associated premiums due for the period from the Customer Account.

The life insurance premiums in the WSU Customer Account can only be used to pay for life insurance premiums and cannot be applied to any other charges an employee may have on their Customer Account.

In the event a change in coverage occurs over the summer that results in a balance remaining in the Customer Account, a refund would be issued to the employee. Likewise, if insufficient contributions were collected, the additional premiums will be collected from the employee in the fall. These changes could be due to adding or deleting coverage, adding or deleting a family member, or a change in premium due to birthdate.

Q9. Can an employee on a 9-month appointment resign during the summer break? What if I will have a summer appointment following the end of my regular 9-month appointment?

An employee with a 9-month appointment who will not be back with WSU in the fall, should resign from their regular appointment, with their resignation date reflecting the last day in which they were on pay with that appointment, such as May 15, 2018.

Faculty members could then be hired back on a summer appointment. A summer appointment would not necessarily extend their benefit eligibility. In this situation, the employee should contact the Benefit Services unit within Human Resource Services to determine their eligibility.

Questions can be directed to Human Resource Services at 509-335-4521, hrs@wsu.edu.

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