Seattle Minimum Wage Increase FAQs

On April 1, 2015, did WSU have employees working in Seattle who made less than $11.00 an hour?

Yes, Human Resources Services (HRS) notified those areas with employees who made less than $11.00 an hour and their hourly rate was adjusted.

Will areas be notified if employees do not meet the Seattle minimum wage in the future?

Yes, HRS will notify areas with employees on appointment who do not meet the minimum wage requirement. However, areas will be responsible to comply with the Seattle minimum wage for new appointments.

If an employee, who makes less than the Seattle minimum wage, will be attending a conference in Seattle, will their hourly rate need to be adjusted?

No, if the intent of the Seattle visit is to attend training/conference, not at a WSU West work location, the Seattle minimum wage does not apply.

If an employee is assigned to work at a WSU West Location, including WSU Connections, is it a requirement to pay the Seattle minimum wage?

Yes, if an employee is assigned to perform work at a WSU work location in Seattle, the employee must be paid for all hours worked in Seattle at the Seattle minimum wage rate.

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