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The Wellcoug Team works to provide WSU employees and their families a wide range of resources to support their wellbeing goals. This group works through the year to provide resources, and to partner with the State of Washington’s wellness plan, SmartHealth.

Our Wellcoug Team is always seeking additional members. If you are interested in joining, please contact Niki Jones, HRS Consultant, Benefits & Wellness, at 509-335-1819.


Wellcoug Team Members

Niki Jones
HRS Pullman, Wellness Coordinator

Ann Monroe
HRS Pullman, Wellness Coordinator

Randy Boose
WSU Vancouver Representative

Emily Christensen
WSU Spokane

Julia Conrad
WSU Vancouver Representative

Nina Farro
UREC Representative

Jessica Gerdes
WSU Spokane Representative

Ulla Johnson,
WSU North Puget Sound at Everett Representative

Kate Kamerrer
APAC Representative

Kristen Koenig
WSU Pullman Staff Representative

Lisa Laughter
WSU Pullman Staff Representative

Jessica Mejia
WSU Tri-Cities Representative

Richard Zach
Faculty Senate Representative

Washington State University