Classified Staff Washington State Monthly Salary Schedule

Department of Personnel
General Government and Higher Education

Effective July 1, 2020

Job ClassJob TitleRangeSalary MinSalary Max
483SAAutomation Engineer06iT$6,462$8,691
482ADIT App Development – Entry04iT$5,725$7,698
485ADIT App Development – Expert10iT$7,854$10,562
483ADIT App Development – Journey05iT$6,154$8,276
486ADIT App Development – Manager10iT$7,854$10,562
484ADIT App Development – Senior/Specialist08iT$7,123$9,582
484AIT Architecture – Senior/Specialist09iT$7,481$10,060
483BAIT Business Analyst – Journey05iT$6,154$8,276
484BAIT Business Analyst – Senior/Specialist07iT$6,785$9,125
482CSIT Customer Support – Entry01iT$4,608$6,199
483CSIT Customer Support – Journey03iT$5,326$7,166
486CSIT Customer Support – Manager08iT$7,123$9,582
484CSIT Customer Support – Senior/Specialist05iT$6,154$8,276
482DMIT Data Management – Entry02iT$4,953$6,662
483DMIT Data Management – Journey06iT$6,462$8,691
484DMIT Data Management – Senior/Specialist07iT$6,785$9,125
483NTIT Network & Telecoms – Journey05iT$6,154$8,276
486NTIT Network & Telecoms – Manager09iT$7,481$10,060
484NTIT Network & Telecoms – Senior/Specialist07iT$6,785$9,125
483PMIT Project Management – Journey06iT$6,462$8,691
484PMIT Project Management – Senior/Specialist08iT$7,123$9,582
483SIT Security – Journey05iT$6,154$8,276
484SIT Security – Senior/Specialist08iT$7,123$9,582
482SAIT System Admin – Entry03iT$5,326$7,166
483SAIT System Admin – Journey06iT$6,462$8,691
486SAIT System Admin – Manager08iT$7,123$9,582
484SAIT System Admin – Senior/Specialist07iT$6,785$9,125

For bargaining unit positions, please refer to the appropriate Covered Bargaining Unit Agreement.
* Denotes where WSU uses a higher starting range for this position.
** Positions located in the Energy Plant are assigned special pay not reflected on the schema, refer to DOP approval for special pay.