Effective January 31, 2022, all Washington State University (WSU) faculty and staff, regardless of vaccination status, are to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms, diagnosis, and/or exposure on a daily basis before entering a WSU location. Self-screening helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety and public health of employees reporting to WSU work locations.

The self-screening requirement is based on the State of Washington Healthy Washington – Roadmap to Recovery.

Employees who are teleworking do not need to self-screen on days which they are working remotely at a non-WSU location. They only need to self-screen on the days in which they report to a WSU work location, for any reason and for any length of time. No recording of symptoms screening is required

Employees reporting to non-WSU work locations are to comply with COVID-19 related requirements in place at their work location. If you have questions about reporting to a non-WSU work location, please contact your supervisor or HRS.

Daily Self-Screening Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Do I have any cold- or flu-like symptoms or are you waiting for COVID-19 test results? Symptoms include, but are not limited to, sore throat, congestion, fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, recent loss of taste or smell, nausea or vomiting, and/or diarrhea.
  2. Have you been in close contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19? Close contacts are individuals we were less than six feet away from an infected person (laboratory confirmed or a clinical diagnosis) for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. For example, three separate 5-minute exposures for a total of 15 minutes.
  3. Have you recently (within the last 5 to 10 days) tested positive for COVID-19?
  4. Within the past 14 days, has a public health or medical professional told me to self-monitor, self-isolate, or self-quarantine because of concerns about COVID-19 infection?
  • Employees who answer no to all questions may enter a WSU location.
  • Employees who answer yes to question 1, 2 or 3, must not enter a WSU work location and are to complete WSU’s Quarantine and Isolation Guidance Tool for next steps.
  • Employees who answer yes to question 4 should follow the guidance provided by the public health/medical professional.
  • Refer to the COVID-19 Leave and Work FAQ’s for more information.

Supervisor are responsible for making their employees are aware of resources available to them. Supervisor are not to screen their employees for COVID symptoms, diagnosis or exposure. If at any time an employee acknowledges they are symptomatic for COVID-19, ensure the employee is separated from other employees and directed to self-isolate at home/location away from work site. Employee should call their health care provider for assistance. Follow WSU Environmental Health & Safety guidance using the applicable flowchart.

If an employee self-discloses they have tested positive for COVID-19, and were at a WSU work location, supervisors/departments are to request the employee contact EH&S for adherence to WAC 296-62-600 Public health emergency reporting and notification requirements for infectious and contagious diseases. See the EH&S site: Reporting Employee COVID-19 CASES and Close Contacts. Employees may also be referred to HRS Disability Services for leave and accommodation information.

See the most current information available on the WSU COVID-19 Recovery Guidance website. Additional information about WSU and our response to COVID-19 can be found on the HRS COVID-19 Employee Information and EH&S websites.

Updated 2/14/2022