WSU recognizes the challenges many of our faculty and staff are facing with recently announced K-12 plans at school districts throughout the WSU system. 

WSU encourages managers to be as flexible with schedules as possible, while continuing to serve students and the public, to accommodate the needs of their employees as they navigate the school year challenges. 

The following resources are available to WSU faculty and staff:

Leave and Work Options

Talk with your supervisor regarding leave and work options to accommodate your child’s new schedule. Flexible schedule or temporary schedule adjustment options may be available.

Parent and Caregiver Resources

WSU offers a number of parent and caregiver resources and information sources for faculty & staff system-wide.

Employee Assistance Program

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington State Employee Assistance Program is providing increased support to the employees, supervisors, leaders and organizations we serve. EAP is in full operation across the state, offering services via phone and telehealth platforms, and we are gearing up to meet increased need. We know that the emotional and mental health toll of this crisis will be significant and we are providing additional support and resources to help address the impacts of stress, fear, financial loss, illness, grief and loss, children out of school, and isolation created by social distancing.

Childcare/Family Related Offerings

Creating a Backup Childcare Plan (accessed via the “Parenting” section of the EAP site)
Navigating Change in Challenging Times Webinar
Parent/Caregiver Caring for Your Family During COVID-19 Guide
Strategies for supporting learning at home
Family resources for remote learning
Supporting families during COVID-19

Mental Health Services/Wellbeing

The employee insurance plans offered through WSU cover mental health services see your plan’s Certificate of Coverage for specifics about your plan, including whether a referral or pre-authorization is required.

Resources that specifically address COVID-19 impacts on emotional and mental health and wellbeing, including live and recorded webinars, handouts, and links to resources.

Updated: 1/7/2021