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The Graduate School

Number of Employees: 27

Who they are: The Graduate School administers graduate education at WSU by providing advocacy, advancing graduate education, and providing service and oversight for all aspects of the graduate enterprise.

What they are known for: They provide a foundation of service to students, faculty, academic programs, colleges, and the overall institution by advocating for research, diversity, and integrity within our graduate student population. The Graduate School works collaboratively on campus to assist graduate students in the completion of their programs, in finding financial aid, and in helping solve problems.

Significant achievements: The Graduate School offered seven scholarship categories this year, including many for multiple students.

Department goal:  Increase minority representation within our graduate school programs and also increase the availability of scholarships for our students.

Interesting department fact: The Graduate School administers an individual interdisciplinary doctoral degree, one of very few in the nation. This degree allows a student to design their own diverse program of study.


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