The following information applies to Faculty appointments.

Where can I find policies regarding non-reappointment or other appointment ending information?

Information regarding all types of separation for Faculty can be found in the Faculty Manual in the following sections:

  • For Faculty on appointment without a terminal date and without tenure: Section III.E.
  • For Faculty with an appointment carrying a terminal date: Section V.K.
  • Financial Exigency or discontinuance of a program or department of instruction, research or service: Section III.E.3.

What if I previously held status in Civil Service without a break in service?

In accordance with RCW 41.06.070, a Faculty employee who held permanent status as a Civil Service Employee and subsequently accepted a Faculty appointment without a break in service has return rights back to Civil Service.

What if I held permanent status as a civil service employee and my discontinuation notice does not include the information regarding my return rights?

Contact HRS.

What will happen to my benefits and retirement?

HRS has detailed information regarding benefits and retirement for faculty whose appointments are ending on our website. Visit the Separating Employee Information page.

You may also contact HRS at 335-4521 or

Am I eligible for unemployment compensation?

An employee separating from WSU may qualify for unemployment benefits. For information on unemployment benefits and additional information can be found in the Financial Resources section of the Separation pages.