Executive Coaching for System Leadership Collaborative

Process for initiating Executive Coaching for President’s Senior Leadership:

  1. Schedule an intake session with Human Resource Services (HRS) to review coaching specialties and profiles to select a coach that best fits your needs.
  2. After consulting directly with the executive coach of your choice and discussing a coaching plan that fits your needs, your coach will need to submit a Coaching Proposal to Human Resource Services.
  3. Human Resource Services will submit the coaching proposal and estimated cost to the University President for review and approval.
  4. If approved, Human Resource Services will forward the proposal to Purchasing Services to initiate the contract process.
  5. Purchasing Services will coordinate with the Executive Coach to ensure the terms of the proposal are in accordance with University policies and procedures.
  6. Once the contract is executed, Purchasing Services will return the signed proposal to Human Resource Services.
  7. Human Resource Services will notify both the executive and the coach when the contract has been finalized and coaching services can commence.

Coaches — please send coaching proposals and/or any questions to:

Attn: Laura Hamilton, Manager

Human Resource Services
Washington State University
PO Box 641014
Pullman, WA 99164-1014

Or email them to: l.hamilton@wsu.edu

Invoices and Billing

To utilize a coach, senior leaders members must receive approval from the President. The President’s Office will cover the costs associated with using an executive coach per the approved contract terms.

All invoices will be submitted to Human Resource Services, Pullman then routed by Human Resource Services, Pullman to the President’s Office for payment.