Review the process, then schedule an intake session with Human Resource Services (HRS) to review coaching specialties and profiles to select a coach that best fits your needs.

Laura Hamilton, HRS
Phone: (509) 335-5819

Coaching Firms

WSU has contracts with each of the following firms in accordance with University and state processes.


Manuhuia Barcham, Director
Phone: (206) 708-0732

Manuhuia is the sole coach for Archetekt.

At Archetekt, we are able to provide senior and mid-level leaders with coaching on leadership development, team building, communications, organizational effectiveness, leading, relationship building and managing change. As part of this process, we are also able to provide confidential executive coaching and facilitate the development of a leadership development plan. We are happy to deliver this work ourselves or in partnership with other individuals and organizations as selected by WSU. As a company, we have deep experience in coaching around the issue of equity and diversity.

Collaborative Brain Trust

Dr. Christine Quinn, Leadership Coach & Higher Education Success Partner
Phone: (312) 288-5669

The Collaborative Brain Trust (CBT) has a network of Executive Coaches who are both trained coaches and experienced higher education leaders.  We have a deep understanding of higher education contexts and organizational development.  Our coaches use strength-based approaches to Executive and Team coaching.  Our coaching is designed to accelerate learning, unlock your talents to grow and solve complex problems, and create strategies to accelerate success. Areas of Expertise: Executive Senior Leadership Coaching for Higher Education, Team Coaching in Universities, Organizational Development & Change, Leadership Development, Creating high engagement workplaces, Communication, and Strategy development and implementation. 

Invite Change

Steve Thorson, Account Manager
Office phone: (877) 228-2622 ext 110
Cell phone: (425) 231-6319

inviteCHANGE has multiple coaches available for engagement.

Over the past 16 years, inviteCHANGE has trained thousands of individuals, including Senior and Mid-Level Leaders, with coaching on leadership development, team building, communication, organizational effectiveness, change management, and how to apply a coach-approach as leaders in organizations. We listen to understand what you want and deliver the learning and development, coaching, and consulting solutions that bring people together, to rally behind the cause, and generate leadership that yields consistent, positive results for clients, professional coaches, teams, organizations, and business. All coaching is kept confidential and only general results are shared with requested members of the organization. inviteCHANGE as an organization is a champion for personal and professional sovereignty so that people act from integrity and with response-agility.

Lynn Hagerman Coaching & Consulting

Lynn Hagerman, Founder and Principal Consultant
Office phone: (206) 232-0598
Cell phone: (206) 399-0642

Lynn serves as the principal coach, with two referral associates also available for engagement.

Our effectiveness in work, life, and leadership, is defined as much by who we are being as by what we are doing. Self as Leader is as important as Leadership skills. Lynn’s work focuses on both. As an executive coach, Lynn is a trusted leadership partner in problem-solving and achieving practical and sustained results. Lynn works from a basis of individual and organizational strengths, assisting the client to reconnect with purpose and clarify tangible organizational outcomes. We focus on defining a path, learning new approaches, and accomplishing change that has the highest leverage in achieving results. Lynn is especially effective as a partner in working with leaders at the onset of new ‘stretch’ roles, new program initiatives and linking meaningful planning to sustained action. As a trusted advisor and partner, Lynn works side-by-side with individual leaders, their teams, and departments, for new insight, practical action, and results. Lynn’s work focuses on individual and team coaching for senior leaders in higher education, health sciences, and professions.


Dr. Jevon K. Powell, Owner
Phone: (206) 933-6355

Scontrino-Powell has three coaches available for engagement.

Our consultants are experienced. Drs. Jevon Powell and Peter Scontrino have over 60 years of combined coaching, training, and leadership development experience. The newest member of our team, Dr. Helen Chung, brings additional experience and invaluable gender diversity and female perspective. We have coached hundreds of executives, managers, and supervisors around the world. Our experience includes working directly with university presidents, deans, chancellors, provosts, senior vice-presidents, vice-presidents, and school directors. As business-people with doctorates in psychology, we have received extensive training that prepared us to offer coaching and development consulting services. Our training and applied experience as consultants has taught us not only the specific processes that are necessary for adult learners to thrive, but also why those processes work, what is needed to support them, and how they contribute to learning.

Spark Strategy

Sarah Osteen, Owner
Phone: (617) 320-4417

Sarah is the sole coach for Spark Strategy.

Sarah has eighteen years of experience in leadership development and seven years in executive and team coaching. In her role at Spark Strategy LLC, Sarah works with clients in a range of sectors to deliver executive coaching and high impact leadership development solutions for both individuals and teams. She focuses on topics at the heart of communication-emotional intelligence, persuasion, difficult conversations, change management, team leadership, and negotiations. Sarah provides leadership development design and delivery as well as executive coaching and team coaching from the c-suite to mid-manager level.

The Wellspring Company

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow, President
Phone: (360) 509-0345

Lesli is the sole coach for The Wellspring Company.

Lesli Dullum-Tutterrow, is President of Optimal Wellness Inc. dba The Wellspring Company. She is a Certified Counselor in WA state with a part time counseling practice in Silverdale WA. Lesli has created, owned and/or operated small businesses for over 25 years. She has worked for corporations from front line to executive management. Her background is diverse having owned businesses in massage, food and beverage (retail and manufacturing) construction, counseling, business coaching and consulting. She has melded coaching, consulting, counseling and training for companies in various industries: finance, insurance, mortgage, towing, beauty supplies, real estate, medical and more.


Akshay Sateesh, President & Founder
Phone: (619) 354-8326

Ziksana has two coaches, Akshay Sateesh and Chris Watz available for engagement.

The team at Ziksana is a on a mission to activate the world of work through play. We do this through designing and delivering engaging manager skill training programs, executive coaching, and organizational consulting services. Our services get people to create breakthrough results for their organization by making it safer to take risks and have fun. Adults report that they are “open to new possibilities” and “willing to take action” in a play-based learning environment facilitated by Ziksana experts. We are innovative, nimble, and responsive so we can exceed our client’s expectations.