Spring 2014 WSU Pullman Undergraduate Students passed Referendum 43-01 in support of a Tobacco Free Campus. WSU administrators are polling Pullman employees via the Pullman Tobacco Free Survey to measure their opinion on the idea of Pullman becoming a Tobacco Free Campus.

The Pullman Tobacco Free Survey will open Monday September 29, 2014 and will remain open through Friday October 10, 2014.

For more information please view the “Frequently Asked Questions” below:

Why is Washington State University conducting this survey?

In Spring 2014, Referendum 43-01 in support of a tobacco free campus was passed by
students at the WSU Pullman campus. WSU administrators are conducting this survey to gather feedback from faculty and staff located on the Pullman Campus. Information on the Student Referendum is available at: https://news.wsu.edu/2014/03/13/students-ok-tobacco-free-campus-elect-leaders/#.VA955_ldV8M

Who will be able to participate in this survey?

WSU faculty and staff with a Work Location of Pullman identified on their appointment may
participate in this survey.

Why are you not surveying all WSU employees?

Referendum 43-01 in support of a tobacco free campus was passed for the WSU Pullman
campus. WSU administration is seeking input from faculty and staff located in Pullman.

Are any of the WSU Campuses currently tobacco free?

WSU Vancouver and WSU Spokane are tobacco free.

Where can I find more information on tobacco free campuses?

Information about tobacco free campuses is available at: http://tobaccofreecampus.org In an effort to promote the health and wellbeing of their students, employees and visitors, more than 900 University campuses across the country are or will soon be tobacco free.

What does tobacco free mean?

No tobacco products including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, pipes, e-cigarettes and
any other lighted smoking equipment.

What is WSU’s current tobacco policy?

Washington state law (RCW Chapter 70.160) and University policy prohibit smoking in
public places and places of employment. http://www.wsu.edu/manuals_forms/PDF/SPPM/6-10.pdf

When will the survey be open?

The survey will be open from September 29 – October 10, 2014.

How will the survey be distributed?

The survey will be emailed to all Pullman employees with a Pullman Work Location as
identified on their appointment. Pullman employees without email accounts will be mailed hard copies of the survey to their address identified in WSU’s Personnel/Payroll system.

What happens next? What will be done with the survey results?

A Tobacco Free Advisory Task Force was appointed to gather information from faculty, staff
and students. The survey results, as well as other feedback gathered, will be used by the task force to make a recommendation to the President.

WSU recently ask me to provide whether I was a tobacco user in association with the Tobacco Surcharge. Is the information I provided on that attestation going to be used in association with this survey? 

No. The tobacco surcharge information was requested by the Health Care Authority, and
the results of the attestation are not general information available to Washington State University. Additionally, HCA requested information on employees and all their dependents, which is not the same data we are seeking through this survey.

What sort of questions will be on the survey?

The survey will contain a single multiple-choice question:
“Do you support Washington State University- Pullman to be a tobacco free campus?” The response options are, “Yes, No, or Neutral”

Will my response to the survey be kept confidential?

Yes, your response will be kept confidential.

How do I access the survey?

WSU Email: If you have a WSU email address, an email titled “Pullman – Tobacco Free
Survey” with a link to the survey and unique survey code was emailed to your WSU email address on Monday, September 29, 2014. Use the survey link and survey code provided in the email to access the survey. You will have until October 10, 2014 at midnight to complete the survey. Please contact Human Resources Services at hrs@wsu.edu or 509-335- 4521 if you have difficulty accessing the survey.

No WSU Email: If you do not have a WSU email address, the survey was mailed to your mailing address on record. Please complete the survey and return it to Human Resources Services via the return options provided:
Mail: return the survey in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided. Postmarked by October 10, 2014.
In person: drop off the survey at the HRS office, no later than 5:00p.m on October 10, 2014: French Administration Building; Room 139, Pullman, WA 99164
Fax: send the survey to the HRS office no later than midnight on October 10, 2014: Fax: 509-335-1259

What should I do if I have a WSU email address and did not receive the email with the
survey link and code?

An email with the subject line “Pullman – Tobacco Free Survey Invitation ” was sent from
hrs@wsu.edu. Check to ensure the email was not filtered out to a specific folder or junk mail. If you did not receive the email, please contact Human Resource Services at hrs@wsu.edu or 509-335-4521.

What should I do if I do not have a WSU email address and did not receive the survey in the mail? 

Please contact Human Resources Services at hrs@wsu.edu or 509-335-4521 to verify the
mailing address to which the letter and survey were sent.

I lost the survey link and survey code sent to my WSU email address, how can I access the survey? 

Please contact Human Resources Services at hrs@wsu.edu or 509-335-4521 and we can resend
you the survey link and unique survey code.

What will happen if I do not want to complete the survey?

To get the most accurate feedback we ask all WSU Pullman staff to participate in the
Tobacco Free Survey. However, participation is optional and the responses compiled from the survey are not linked to those who complete the survey. As such, Pullman staff participation is confidential and not tracked.

Who do I contact if I have questions on the Tobacco Free Taskforce?

Chair of the Tobacco Free Taskforce, Dwight Hagihara | 509-335-3041

Who do I contact if I have technical questions regarding the survey?

Human Resource Services | 509-335-4521

WSU employees enrolled in a PEBB medical plan can also participate in tobacco cessation programs offered free of charge through their insurance coverage. Visit your plan’s website for information about these programs, including how you can participate. Quit for Life is available to employees enrolled with Uniform or Group Health, and Breathe is available to employees enrolled with Kaiser.

WSU’s Pullman Health and Wellness Services will provide smoking cessation information and programs to promote student and employee health this coming academic year.  For information on their smoking cessation programs please see their website http://hws.wsu.edu/medical-clinic/services/