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  • Award Administration: Parts 1A & 1B | Recorded on 3/9/2018
    Part 1A – Online Systems: This section of of award administration presents tricks, shortcuts and useful information about BALANCES and FACTS that are especially useful for grants management. Instructions for using reports available in BALANCES are included, as well as a segment on Data Warehousing and the various Corporate Documents designed for grants administration. The ultimate objective of the course is to demonstrate how to use BALANCES, FACTS and the Data Warehouse to minimize the need for a separate ancillary system.
    Part 1B (Starts at 1:15:35) – MyResearch: This section of award administration presents and describes the features and functions of WSU’s MyResearch portal.
  • Award Administration: Part 2 – Management of Grants | Recorded on 12/1/2017
    This course provides information on the following forms: Sponsored Project Activity Request (SPAR), Expense Transfer Request (ETR), Self-sponsored Research/Conference account Request (Sideways Form), Expense Assignment Actions (EAA, justification for retroactive transfers only) and the Subcontract request form. It is important to register in advance.
  • Award Administration: Part 3 – Audits and Audit Issues | Recorded on 3/10/2017
    A presentation by a representative of the Internal Audit Office is included in this section, highlighting high risk areas and tips on how to protect the department.
  • Budgeting for Sponsored Projects | Recorded on 2/23/2018 (Starts at 55:00)
    The second session of this two-part class defines sponsored projects and explain how they differ from other activities.  Emphasis is be placed upon OMB Circulars A21 and A110, and direct costs vs. facilities and administrative costs.  The second portion focuses on building and reviewing budgets, estimating costs, cost categories, and types of budgets.
  • Business Policies, Procedures, and Records Retention | Recorded on 10/27/2016
    This workshop discusses how to use the Business Policies and Procedures Manual, how the manual is updated and its history. Records scheduling, records retention and state records requirements are also examined.
  • Computer and Network Security Awareness | Recorded on 4/22/2015
    This course highlights best computer security practices – and most common mistakes – to help you protect yourself from hoaxes, spyware, phishing, ID theft, copyright issues, spam, viruses, social engineering. Appropriate WSU policies are also identified.
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation | Recorded on 11/4/2015
    This course examines the following areas: sources of conflict within the workplace; strategies for dealing with conflict; personal conflict management styles; basic negotiation strategies; basic negotiation scenario constructions.
  • Dealing with Student and Parent Issues | Recorded on 9/21/2017
    This workshop focuses on such student issues at WSU as: distance education; the student handbook; student disciplinary policies; handling student complaints; graduate recruiting goals; program assessment; navigating program modifications; and directing issues to the appropriate office.
  • Effort Certification and Cost Sharing | Recorded on 11/27/2017
    This workshop describes cost sharing, when it must be documented and reported, and why the federal government requires it. The effort certification form will be discussed in detail and tips for processing these forms at the departmental level will be provided.
  • Faculty Performance Reviews | Recorded on 9/27/2016
    Specific topics addressed in this session include pre-tenure reviews, the tenure and promotion process (procedures, timelines, standards) and the Chair’s role.
  • Fiscal Audits and Internal Controls | Recorded on 6/23/2015
    This course identifies and defines internal controls at Washington State University, explaining their role, purpose, and impact, as well as who is responsible for them. The ultimate objective is to understand the why and how of establishing and utilizing strong controls that will help to ensure proper stewardship of WSU resources, and enable clean and good audits.
  • Hostile Intruder Training | Recorded on 8/18/2016
    Featuring the video “Shots Fired, When Lightning Strikes” followed by discussion, this training provides a wealth of information and options to bear in mind should the unthinkable happen.
  • Ins and Outs of Contracts | Recorded on 10/27/2017
    This course covers issues that are unique to contracts including contract basics, WSU’s standard research agreement, hot topics associated with contracts, and contract close-out.
  • Leadership and Communication | Recorded on 10/14/2015
    This session in the Department Chairs and Directors Training Workshop series provides a framework through which participants can assess personal leadership styles, learn how differences in leadership styles affect group process and morale, and learn about different communication styles, rapport building, active listening, group and written communication.  Also discussed in how to use WSU’s Strategic Plan as a backdrop and convey messages that are clear and compelling.
  • Life Cycle of a Sponsored Project | Recorded on 2/9/2018
    Note: This recording also includes “Proposal Submission, Review and Acceptance” training presented the same day.
    This course provides an overview of the grant process and highlights the roles of the principal investigator, the department administrator, the Office of Grant and Research Development and the Sponsored Project Finance Office.
  • Making the Leap to Professor | Recorded on 3/10/2015
    Recent research suggests that faculty members may have trouble making the leap to full professor.  This workshop features discussion and answers to questions about university procedures and expectations for promotion to full professor in this workshop.
  • Managing Your Unit’s Budget | Recorded on 11/1/2017
    This workshop provides information and insight into successfully managing departmental and unit budgets.  The discussion will include understanding budget statements, PBL, Accruals, F&A Accounts and Endowments. Also included is where to find meaningful data that measures department productivity.
  • Managing and Reconciling Your Unit Budget | Recorded on 3/3/2015
    This class presents a basic overview of basic budget concepts and how they are applied at the WSU work unit level. The distinction is made between operating and capital budgets, and the advantages and disadvantages of various budgeting methods are discussed. Special emphasis is placed on the key role the staff can play in developing and controlling the unit budget.
  • Proposal Submission, Review, and Acceptance | Recorded on 2/9/2018 (Starts at 1:26:00)
    Note: This recording also includes “Life Cycle of a Sponsored Project” training presented the same day. This workshop provides insight into the proposal submission process including application kits and physical requirements of proposals along with the internal policies and procedures of the Office of Grant and Research Development.
  • Research Administration Introduction & Update  | Recorded on 1/19/2018
    This course provides an update into new and emerging issues related to award processing and management at WSU. It is intended for those new to research administration as well as those needing to brush up on emerging issues. Topics include new forms and availability of online entry and processing, information on improved databases and workflow processing, and policy and procedure updates.
  • Research Compliance Overview | Recorded on 4/6/2018
    This class provides an overview of the major regulations that affect research.  Topics to be addressed include human subjects, biological materials, animals, conflicts of interest, export controls and others.  The Presidential Committees that oversee these areas of research will also be discussed.
  • Subcontracts | Recorded on 10/27/2017 (Starts at 1:28:00)
    This course describes the who, what, where and when of subcontracting, as well as  WSU’s Sub-recipient monitoring plan and A-133 requirements.
  • Summer Session PERMS Training | Recorded on 4/7/2016
    There are additional steps for entering Summer Session PERMS appointments. This training includes how to enter Summer Session appointments in PERMS and a review of Summer Session salary calculation policies.
  • Supervisor as Safety Manager | Recorded on 4/12/2017
    This supervisory training course focuses on the new employee safety checklist, the Supervisors’ Safety Manual, WSU’s Accident Prevention Program and the supervisor’s roles in performing inspections and reporting and investigating accidents.
  • Tenure and Promotion | Recorded on 4/7/2015
    This workshop answers questions about all aspects of faculty performance reviews and is designed for any faculty member who has an interest in the issues of tenure and promotion, particularly those who are just beginning their careers at WSU or who will come up for an important evaluation soon.
  • Understanding Diversity, Ethics and Workplace Harassment | Recorded on 2/16/2017
    A review of the offices and services provided by Washington State University’s Division of Student Affairs, Equity and Diversity to departments is addressed in this course. WSU’s Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy is also reviewed, as well as the State Ethics Law with an emphasis upon the appropriate use of resources and conflicts of interest.
  • Understanding Facilities and Administration Costs | Recorded on 2/23/2018
    This course provides insight into the purpose and use of facilities and administrative costs charged to sponsored projects. It address the importance of collecting those costs and Washington State University’s policy on exceptions to sponsors.
  • Understanding the University Budget | Recorded on 3/22/2016
    This course focuses on WSU’s planning and budgeting process. It includes identification of sources and types of funds that impact WSU’s budgets. Additionally, information regarding allocation processes and special funding categories makes this course particularly useful to those interested in advancing their understanding of financial management in the university setting.
  • University Overview: Managing and Advancing Faculty | Recorded on 9/5/2018
    This workshop provides an overview of Washington State University’s structure and academic policies. It also addresses faculty recruitment, mentoring and retention efforts at WSU. Specific topics include University Organization, Faculty Senate, Strategic Plan, Academic Plan, Faculty Manual, acquiring a mentor, the recruitment process, the partner accommodation policy, professional leave and the retirement policy.
  • Working with WSU Campuses | Recorded 3/9/2016
    This workshop represents an opportunity to engage in a conversation about the challenges and opportunities posed by WSU’s multi-campus system. The presenters will provide their perspectives on some key areas and seek a participatory session with attendees.