Common Retirement Spam Emails

Spam emails are commonly distributed to WSU email accounts offering to provide retirement counseling and services. These communications are not associated with WSU or any of our authorized retirement vendors, and have been reported as spam to IT.

If you receive one of these emails, don’t open it, delete it, and do not set up an appointment or any other service they may offer. If you wish to have this type of retirement counseling, contact the authorized retirement plans (DRS, TIAA, VOYA) to request that service at no charge to participants.

Retirement Plan Information for Faculty and Administrative Professional Employees:

Retirement Plan Information for Civil Service, Bargaining Unit, and Hourly Employees:

Retirement Plan Information for Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters:

Voluntary Retirement Saving Products:

Retiree Reemployment:

Investment Review and Plan Oversight Advisory Committee:

The Presidential Committee is charged with monitoring and reviewing the WSURP and VIP plans.

Information & News

TIAA’s Q1 2024 webinars are now available for registration in the Live Webinar Lounge. Topics include:

  • Benefit options at retirement
  • Budget and debt management
  • Investment basics
  • Early retirement: PERS, TRS, SERS
  • Working after retirement
  • And more

DRS webinar topics range from getting to know your plan, withdrawals and retirement, financial wellness, and more. Visit the DRS webinars webpage to see the full schedule and register or view recordings of past webinars.

The 2024 calendar of PEBB Retiree health insurance webinars is now available! These webinars are offered for employees who are thinking about retiring and would like an overview of their retiree health insurance options through the PEBB program. Visit the PEBB retirement webinar registration page to see the full schedule and register to attend.

The Winter 2024 Edition of the DRS Retirement Outlook Newsletter is now available. Read on for valuable information about DRS programs, benefits, and services for active and retired customers.

Upcoming Events

Pre-Retirement Seminar Schedule

All sessions available by Zoom:

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May 20, 2024
WSURP: 2:30-4 PM

June 17, 2024
DRS: 2:30-4 PM

July 9, 2024
WSURP: 9-10:30 AM

August 6, 2024
DRS: 9-10:30 AM

Handouts Referenced:
WSURP Retirement Checklist

PERS/TRS Retirement Checklist

2024 Retiree Monthly Premiums

TIAA Schedule
Schedule a one-on-one meeting by calling 1-800-732-8353 or schedule online. Current campus visit dates include:

June 11 – Pullman

June 12 – Pullman