Human Resource Services utilizes various electronic systems to manage personnel processes and paperwork.

Electronic I-9 System (Lookout Services)

The electronic I-9 is a web-based system from Lookout Services which replaces the paper forms, solves I-9 problems and provides electronic Employment Eligibility Verifications.

Online Position Description & Recruitment System (OPDRS) Access Form

This system is utilized by Hiring Managers, Finance Officers, Search Support (Faculty), Area Administrator (Faculty) and Guest Users. Create and update position descriptions for Administrative Professional and Classified positions. Create and manage Faculty job postings, submit and/or manage recruitment pools for Classified positions.

Online Learning System

All WSU employees can access over 3,500 interactive online courses and more than 15,000 online books through this system.  It also manages all centrally sponsored live training courses and houses subsequent records of attendance.

Personnel/Position/Payroll Electronic Routing Management System (PERMS)

This system is used to manage Faculty, Administrative Professional and Classified and Graduate Student employee personnel actions.

Temporary Employment System (TEMPS)

This system is used to create and manage temporary hourly positions and appointments.