Unconscious (or implicit) biases are learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, deeply ingrained, universal, and able to influence behavior. Unconscious bias training programs are designed to expose people to their unconscious biases, provide tools to adjust automatic patterns of thinking, and ultimately eliminate discriminatory behaviors.

Implicit Association Test– IATs (Implicit Associate Tests) are tools to demonstrate and examine conscious and unconscious divergences related to attitudes and beliefs about race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and other social categories.

Handout: Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and Assumptions (Provided by WISEL)

Video: Countering Bias in the Interview (Provided by King County)

  • Key takeaways from the “Countering Bias in the Interview” video

Article: “We are all for Diversity, but…”: How Faculty Hiring Committees Reproduce Whiteness and Practical Suggestions for How They Can Change (Provided by Harvard Educational Review)

For additional resources visit the Implicit Bias ToolKit provided by King County.