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Faculty Recruitment Basics: This course provides an overview of the faculty recruitment process at Washington State University. The course includes a comprehensive review of the five separate phases of recruitment along with numerous best practice tips and suggestions to help Search Committees manage the successful recruitment, screening, interview, and evaluation of job candidates. Additionally, the roles and responsibilities of key offices and individuals during the recruitment process are discussed as well as the importance of providing a positive candidate experience during the entire recruitment process.


Staff Recruitment Basics: This course is designed to give hiring managers a practical understanding of the recruitment process for Civil Service and Administrative Professional positions. It describes the legal framework for recruitment, the individual recruitment phases, and best practice tips to consider during the overall process.

Overview of Recruitment

Overview of Recruitment and Selection at WSU: How do we recruit individuals to apply for positions at WSU? What are the laws, policies, and procedures of which we need to be aware? This course is an overview of the recruitment processes for those who wish to learn about recruitment and selection at WSU. Great refresher for those who have previously taken Faculty/Staff Recruitment Basics.

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