December Holiday Reduced Operations occur between Christmas and New Year’s Day. During this time, many University operations and services are unavailable or reduced with limited services. Department heads and directors should consult with their dean or division head to determine the necessary operational level for their unit, including staffing. Departments are encouraged to be as flexible as possible when determining employee scheduling options. Final determinations regarding employee schedules are made by the appropriate supervisor or manager.

Access to Offices and Laboratories

Faculty will retain access to their individual offices and labs during the December Holiday Reduced Operations; however, the thermostats may be turned down in buildings that are otherwise closed. Facilities Services operations staff will not be available to unlock buildings. Department employees will need to make arrangements with their departmental key coordinators to have keys available or use card swipe access where appropriate.

Pullman Campus

During Fall Semester, Facilities Services will contact areas regarding building needs for the December Holiday Reduced Operations. Colleges and Areas are encouraged to be proactive and notify Facilities Services prior to the second week of November regarding operational needs.

Contact Robbie Dudley at Facilities Services, or 509-335-9097.

Flexibility Encouraged

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to be as flexible as possible when determining schedules during the December Holiday Reduced Operations. If employees request to work and there is work to be performed, managers can and are encouraged to allow employees to work.

Employee Leave

Employees are encouraged to discuss scheduling needs and options with their supervisors/managers as soon as possible. Employees who will not be working during the December Holiday Reduced Operations should use their annual leave, personal holiday and/or accrued compensatory leave during reduced operations, subject to supervisor approval. Employees who do not have sufficient leave balances may request personal leave without pay (LWOP) in accordance with departmental guidelines. Management is encouraged to grant leave and LWOP requests during this period.

Employees who are scheduled/approved to work on the non-holiday days during the period of reduced operations shall work with their supervisor to establish work schedules, workplaces and assignments as needed.

Employees remain responsible for complying with the annual leave and other leave procedures outlined in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual. Employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement are to refer to their contract regarding holiday and leave processes.

Reduced Operations Office Checklist

  1. Update your voicemail greeting to include an emergency contact number
  2. Set an automatic email vacation response
  3. Update departmental/office website
  4. Turn off electronic devices and office lights to conserve energy

Leave Policies