Disability Services Programs

The Disability Services unit is responsible for overseeing a host of system wide leave and disability related programs and services such as medical leaves, long term disability claims, reasonable accommodation and workers’ compensation.

Medical Leave

Having surgery or need to be off work due to a serious health condition? Need to be off work due to intermittent medical appointments/treatments? Need to care for a family member who is ill? Several medical leave provisions exist for WSU employees to facilitate their time off for these and other medical leave purposes.

Pregnancy/Parental Related

Expecting a new addition? Adopting or fostering a new child? Leave provisions for soon to be and new parents are available for many employees.

Military Related Leave

Are you being called up to Active Duty in the Armed Forces? Has your family member been injured in the line of duty? Military Leave and leave for Military Caregivers may be available to you.

Workplace Injury/Illness

Do you believe you have you been hurt on-the-job? Learn about your rights and responsibilities through WSU and the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Long Term Disability

Going to be off work for an extended period due to a medical condition? Have you been unable to work full-time due to a medical condition? Long Term Disability benefits may be available to you.

Shared Leave

Have a severe, extreme or extraordinary illness/injury that is not work related? Running out of accrued leave? Want to donate leave to another employee? Individuals who leave needs meet the State of Washington’s Shared Leave criteria, may be eligible to receive leave donations once their own leave has exhausted.

Reasonable Accommodation

Have a medical condition due to a disability that may be impacting your ability to perform the functions of your job? Disability Services is available to assist with reviewing available modifications or adjustments to a job, work environment, policy, practice, or procedure, that may enable eligible individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunity.

Faculty Modified Duties

Are you a faculty member who would like to pursue a modification of your duties in order to provide primary care to a family member in lieu of, or in addition to taking medical leave? You may be eligible for WSU’s Faculty Modified Duties program.

Leave of Absence Workday Questions?

We are currently receiving a high volume of inquiries. To help with response times, direct Workday related questions to the Workday Service Desk (Such as: Request a leave of absence, Enter time off ). This allows HRS to assist with non-Workday related concerns.

Contact HRS with non-Workday HRS questions or call 509-335-4521. Information on the Workday Modernization project is available on their website. Access Workday Training.

Requesting Leaves of Absence & Time Off

Please see the below resources to assist with requesting a leave of absence or time offs through Workday and Disability Services.