A red stripe with the text: Staff recruitment toolkit.

Staff Recruitment Process

Human Resource Services has created the following tools, broken into five distinct phases to provide assistance and guidance for the recruitment and hiring of Administrative Professional (AP) and Classified Staff (CS) positions.

The HR Service Team for each area/college is available to assist with appropriate recruitment and hiring processes as well as the use of Workday Recruit.

Staff Recruitment Checklist: Search committee roles and responsibilities checklist

Phase 1: Prepare

Familiarize yourself with WSU’s recruitment process and policies or refresh your search knowledge:

Prepare and organize your evaluation tools:

Phase 2: Advertise & Outreach

Develop and execute your outreach strategy to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants:

Phase 3: Screen & Interview

Use these tools to conduct an interview that positively promotes employment opportunities at WSU: Refer to Workday Recruiting Guide: Manage Job Application

Applicant Evaluation: Staff Not Hired Reasons | available status updates in Workday Recruit

Candidate Experience: Recommended resources and samples to help create a positive candidate experience.

Interview: Interview Checklist | a guide for the search committee

Interview: Sample Interview Questions | tips for interviewers and sample interview questions

Candidate Screening Guide via LinkedIn Talent Solutions

On-Campus Interviews: Guest Guidelines

Applicant Notification: Unsuccessful Candidate After Initial Evaluation (Sample letter)

Applicant Notification: Unsuccessful Candidate After Screening Interview (Sample letter)

Applicant Notification: Unsuccessful Candidate After Campus Interview (Sample letter)

Phase 4: Perform Reference & Background Checks

Take a deep dive into the candidate’s background by performing reference and background checks:

Phase 5: Hire & Onboard