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Staff Recruitment Toolkit

Staff Recruitment Process

Human Resource Services (HRS) has created the following tools, broken into 5 distinct phases to provide assistance and guidance for the recruitment and hiring of Administrative Professional (AP) and Classified Staff (CS) positions.

The HR Service Team for each area/college is available to assist with appropriate recruitment and hiring processes, as well as, the use of OPDRS.

Phase 1: Prepare

Familiarize yourself with WSU’s recruitment process and policies or refresh your search knowledge:

Prepare and organize your evaluation tools:

Phase 2: Advertise & Outreach

Develop and execute your outreach strategy to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants:

Phase 3: Screen & Interview

Use these tools to conduct an interview that positively promotes employment opportunities at WSU:

Phase 4: Perform Reference & Background Checks

Take a deep dive into the candidate’s background by performing reference and background checks:

Phase 5: Hire & Onboard

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