About the Survey

We recognize the value in providing employees an opportunity to share this experience of working at WSU, as well as, the importance of evaluating employee feedback to measure the effectiveness improvement efforts.

In a continuing effort to attract, cultivate, and retain an engaged workforce built on organizational integrity, effectiveness, and transparency, the WSU Employee Engagement Survey was developed. The goal of the survey is to gather feedback on employee engagement and satisfaction within the workplace. We encourage you to review past survey results as we continue to work to improve the overall employee engagement survey experience.

More information is available in the FAQs below.

Past Survey Results and Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I take the survey during work hours?
    • Yes, you are welcome to complete the survey during normal work hours. As necessary, please coordinate with your supervisor.
  2. How long will the survey take me to complete?
    • On average the survey should take approximately 15 minutes.
  3. I cannot find my email invitation.
    • Run a search in your mailbox for “Qualtrics”. This should populate the email invitation.
    • What if I still cannot find the email?
      • See question 7: “I am a faculty member, administrative professional or civil service employee and I did not receive the email link. What do I do?”
  4. How often is the Employee Engagement Survey administered?
    • The Employee Engagement Survey is traditionally administered biannually.
  5. What other WSU Surveys are administered on a regular schedule, and who administers them?
    • A schedule of surveys administered to WSU faculty, staff, and students. The site listing includes:
      • If the survey is a system or a campus specific survey.
      • The responsible area/unit for administering the survey.
      • The WSU point of contact for the survey.
      • When the survey will next be administered.    
    • In 2024 the Office of the Provost will launch a new survey in alignment with SB5227 specific to WSU Culture. 
  6. How will my information be kept private?
    • WSU will only release survey results for areas with at least five respondents.  If an area has five or more respondents in a category group (Civil Service, Administrative Professional, or Faculty), then results may be provided with this breakout.  Any areas without at least five respondents will be rolled up into the area they report through. 
    • WSU will also de-identify any open text responses to ensure any names or titles are redacted.  WSU will also remove any language that is not appropriate for a business document.
  7. I am a faculty member, administrative professional or civil service employee and I did not receive the email link. What do I do?
    • Please contact hrs.training@wsu.edu and we can create a custom link. Those who have previously requested to receive no mailings from Qualtrics, will have a block on receiving the survey directly from the survey platform.
  8. How many employees have participated in the survey historically?
    • In 2018 WSU had its highest response rate of 44.7%.  WSU would really like to see an increase in the response rate to at least 50% in 2023. 
  9. What are some examples of enhancements made by departments historically?
    • College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences & WSU Extension have emphasized the importance of providing employees with resources available regarding employee wellness and encouraging the use of WSU employee wellness programs as one of their key action items. This is an ongoing effort by CAHNRS, and they have sent out detailed wellness resource communications and information on the Employee Assistance Program to CAHNRS faculty and staff multiples times throughout 2019.
    • Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture have implemented a majority of their action plan items already.  The two areas their recent update focused on were Employee Communications and Supervisor Development. VCEA has implemented a weekly employee announcement which includes training opportunities for employees in addition to establishing a VCEA Faculty Advisory Committee to share university, college, and departmental information between employees and leadership. In the realm of Supervisor Development, they are modifying college wide training requirements and working to establish a Speaker’s Series on Leadership for Voiland College’s Leadership Team.
    • University Marketing and Communications have expanded their leadership team to improve communication efforts regarding changes within the University and to provide information to staff on Employee Wellness and Development through individual team meetings. Additionally, University Marketing and Communications invited the Human Resource Services Wellness Coordinator to their area all-staff meeting to present information on the WSU WellCoug program.
  10. What questions will be in the survey?
  11. Will each individual taking the survey have the same set of questions?
    • The core question set for each participant will be the same; however, there are a few questions that would be applicable to participants who identify as faculty.  It is important that employees select the correct employee type to ensure data reflects accurate experiences of that employee group.
  12. University-wide Resources

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Human Resource Services at hrs@wsu.edu.