WSU Faculty and Staff Employee Engagement Survey graphic with the words growth, value, support, and collaboration.


HRS is currently working to review the employee engagement survey experience. An enhanced version will be distributed at a later date.

About the Survey

We recognize the value in providing employees an opportunity to provide feedback about working at WSU, as well as, the importance of evaluating employee feedback to measure effectiveness improvement efforts.

In an effort to attract, cultivate, and retain an engaged workforce built on organizational integrity, effectiveness, and transparency, the WSU Employee Engagement Survey was developed. The goal of the survey is to gather feedback on employee engagement and satisfaction within the workplace. We encourage you to review past survey results as we continue to work to improve the overall employee engagement survey experience.

Past Survey Results and Analysis

University-Wide Resources

HRS has compiled resources to assist areas and employees regarding specific training tied to employee engagement initiatives as well as additional university resources available:

Additional Survey Information: