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Behind the problems that routinely plague our organizations and families, you’ll find individuals who are either unwilling or unable to deal with broken promises. Colleagues break a rule, coworkers miss a deadline, friends fail to live up to commitments (or just plain behave badly), and nobody says a word. Nobody holds anyone accountable. With repeated infractions, individuals become increasingly upset until they finally do speak their minds, but they do so poorly–often creating whole new sets of problems. Crucial Accountability offers tools for improving relationships in the workplace and life. Learn how to deal with violated expectations in a way that permanently solves the problem at hand without harming the relationship. Register here for this 2-part series.

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News and updates for the 2024 Elevating Cougs Conference
Impact Plans results for the 2023 WSU Employee Engagement Survey now available
WSU staff mentoring.
Applications are now open for the WSU Staff Mentoring Program
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Training and Skillsoft Percipio

Skillsoft Percipio is WSU’s learning management system. Personalized, immersive, and accessible learning for WSU employees. Complete assigned courses and pursue your own learning journey with personalized recommendations in Percipio. Log on and Learn!

Report any issues with access or content on Skillsoft Percipio or Compliance platforms to hrstraining@wsu.edu (please include screenshots, if possible).

What’s New in Percipio

Role Based Learning available NOW

Learners can now add a job role to their user profile, which provides them with content recommendations on role-specific skills. There are over 131 roles available to choose from, allowing learners to explore meaningful and relevant content that directly aligns with the skills needed for the chosen role. Please note that learners can update their role on the Account Information page anytime.

NEW! Five-Level Scoring Model for Skill Benchmarks

The skill level scale has expanded from three to five levels to offer a more precise grouping of learners’ scores and help you more accurately calibrate the impact of your skilling programs. Learners now see the new score chart when viewing a Skill Benchmark, while admins can view the new chart in the Skill Benchmark dashboard.

Employee Assistance Program

EAP offers a variety of webinars on self care, change management, and other related topics to support emotional and mental health and wellbeing. Register for an upcoming live session or view a pre-recorded session on-demand. Sessions are added regularly.

You can also view the “Self-Care with the Washington State EAP” webinar recording on the WSU HRS Learning & Organizational Development YouTube.


University supervisors may release employees from normal work duties to attend training programs which promote professional development or improve jobs skills.  An employee may take any amount of supervisor directed training, and an eligible full-time employee may use up to 96 hours of release time per fiscal year. An eligible part-time employee may use hours of release time prorated according to their FTE percentage.