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Employee Training & Development

Instructor-Led Training

Human Resource Services coordinates live, Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT) that deliver WSU system-specific training, as well as trainings grouped by topic to address the needs of specific WSU audiences.

How to view the “Instructor Led Training Sessions” schedule:

  1. Log into your Training account
  2. On the left-hand side under “Upcoming Events” select, “Instructor Led Training Sessions”

Videoconferenced Training Opportunities

Human Resource Services collaborates with Academic Media Services (AMS) to make nearly all Instructor Led Training sessions available statewide through videoconferencing. Just check for “Videoconferencing” on the ILT Sessions Schedule.

If you wish to participate in a videoconferenced training session, you must ensure your location will be connected to the session. To do so:

  1. Enroll in the session you wish to attend
  2. Visit the 25Live Videoconference Meeting Calendar and navigate to the session.
    • Review the originating and connecting site locations.
    • If your location is listed, there is nothing more to be done.
  3. If your location is not listed, request a site connection through Videoconferencing Services (Email:

How to view the “Instructor Led Training Sessions” schedule:

  1. Log into WSU’s Training website.
  2. On the left-hand side under “Upcoming Events” select, “Instructor Led Training Sessions”

Online Training

Over 3,500 interactive online courses, and over 25,000 online books, are available to every current WSU employee. Interested in reading a book on communication skills?  Taking a leadership simulation?  You can get it all online.

Learning Programs

These trainings include: Supervisory, Chairs & Directors Workshop, Research Administration, and Fiscal Management Resources.


Pre-selected training resources to help you accomplish your learning goals.

Tuition Fee Waiver

Read the WSU policy about tuition fee waivers for eligible employees.

WSU Policy on Training

University supervisors may release employees from normal work duties to attend training programs which promote professional development or improve jobs skills.  An employee may take any amount of supervisor directed training, and an eligible full-time employee may use up to 96 hours of release time per fiscal year. An eligible part-time employee may use hours of release time prorated according to his or her FTE percentage.

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Featured Training

Departmental Offerings

Are you interested in hosting a private training event for your department?  We can work with you to tailor existing courses to more specifically meet your needs.  Some of our most commonly requested topics are Customer Service, State Ethics Law, Hostile Intruder Training, and Communicating for Results.  If you are interested in pursuing this option, contact us at

WSU Custom Online Training

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