Will my training records be migrated to Skillsoft Percipio?

Percipio Platform status: As of October 10, 2022, historical completions have been imported to Skillsoft Percipio learner accounts. To access activity and print certificates of completion:

  1. Select your name from the upper right hand corner
  2. Choose Activity from the drop down menu
  3. Select External Learning

If you do not see updated historical completions in your Percipio Activity, please log out and log back in and/or clear your browser cache.

Note: Because the content was imported from Skillport (old system), the content shows up as External Learning, and courses are currently not reflected as completed in Journeys. HRS LOD is working through the process of granting completions for all relevant courses. Employees are advised to reach out for resolution via email to hrstraining@wsu.edu after Jan 1, 2023 if there are still missing courses that are not reflected in Journeys. Include the names of any courses that are missing from your Journeys.

Compliance Platform status: training records are already imported. To view your historical completions for Compliance:

  1. Select your name from the upper right hand corner and select Compliance
  2. Select your name from the upper right hand corner again and select Training History

To save a copy of your learning transcript, first select learning transcript from the Quick Links menu.

If you wish to, sort your data based on title, completion date or other. Select Print in the upper right hand corner.

From the Destination drop down menu, select Save as PDF.

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How do I access my required and optional trainings?

Required trainings are now accessed on Percipio Compliance. To find trainings that have been assigned to you as required or optional:

  1. Select your name in the upper right hand corner of your home page
  2. Select “Compliance” from the drop down menu
  3. Once users access the Compliance Platform, users can scroll to Search for the titles listed below, located either under the “Required” or “Optional” assignments:
    • Required Compliance Assignments: displayed in order of date due.
    • Optional Compliance Assignments: displayed in alphabetical order.
      • Safety Training for WSU Employees Part 1 and 2 learning programs may be listed under Optional Compliance Assignments because there is no recurring completion required; however, all WSU employees must complete the trainings at least once.
  4. Courses listed within learning programs should/may be accessed and completed from within learning program, or directly by accessing the course title.
  5. Certificate of completion for a learning program/series = Certificate for each individual course in the program/series.

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I received an error message when attempting to launch a course, or the course won’t load and shows a buffering screen what should I do?

Below are common causes for course errors and buffering screens:

  • Courses are published to be completed in one sitting. Starting a course and resuming even two hours later will affect progress. The course will not allow you to resume from where you left off, and instead start from the beginning again. Employees should anticipate finishing the course in one sitting
  • Your web browser is outdated. You must use the current version or one version prior
  • Using an unsupported browser like Microsoft Edge. Use Mozilla Firefox , Chrome, or Safari if you are a Mac user
  • Moving through the course too quickly. Clicking through slides too quickly before the content has had time to play through will cause a course to glitch and affect your progress
  • Autoplay is not enabled. Follow Allow autoplay instructions: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/block-autoplay

Please include screenshots whenever you encounter an error so we may troubleshoot the issue accordingly.

Which employee types have access to Percipio?

The following employee types will have access to both Percipio Core and Compliance platforms. Expect access to Percipio Core at least 24 hours after start date.

  • Administrative Professionals (Perm/Temp/Fixed Term)
  • Classified/Civil Service (Perm/Fixed Term)
  • Faculty (Perm/Fixed Term)
  • Coaches

And for the following employee types, except to wait for access at least *48 hours after start date. These employees will only have access to the Compliance Platform:

  • *Affiliate and Academic Affiliate – updated twice a month: the first Monday, and the middle of the month
  • Classified/Civil Service (Non-perm)
  • Temp Graduate Assistants
  • Temp Hourly (Non-student hourly)
  • Payroll Only
  • Whitcom (Perm/Temp)

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A course I launched will not play, I only see a loading screen. Is there a preferred browser for launching courses? What should I do?

Web-based courses function best in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Try the following:

  1. Ensure you do not have pop up blockers enabled
  2. If using Mozilla Firefox, ensure you have autoplay enabled for this browser. Steps to enable autoplay are available on Firefox Support.

NOTE: Microsoft Edge is not a supported browser. Additional web requirements can be accessed on the Percipio for Web Requirements article in the knowledge base.

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I am receiving a lot of emails from Percipio. Is there a way to stop receiving so many?

To turn off email notifications:

  1. Select your name from the upper right hand corner of your home page
  2. Select “Account Information”
  3. Under “Notifications” you can toggle off any notifications you no longer wish to receive

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How can I learn more about the Online Learning System?

Learners can access a variety of resources to learn more about the Online Learning System.

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Why can’t I see any available training on my online learning account?

Employee types who only have access to Percipio Compliance (affiliate and contingent workers, student hourly and hourly workers and graduate assistants) will only see content once it has been assigned to them. These employee types can also see a history of completed courses.

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How soon can I access my Online Learning Account?

NOTE: Employees should not be completing any orientation or onboarding activities until they are an employee of Washington State University. Further information regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act regulations for training time can be found below.

Only current WSU employees (including student employees) have access:

  • New employees receive access to their online learning account after their hire action is successfully completed within Workday.
  • An enabled Network ID/Password is required to access your Online Learning Account.  For assistance, visit www.wsu.edu/NID or contact the IT Help Desk at (509) 335-4357.
  • New learner accounts are created by bulk upload of employee data from their Workday employee record. If the Workday record is incomplete, a new learner account cannot be created. Please check with your supervisor, HR Partner, or Area HR Assistant/Consultant if you are not able to access your account after one week.
  • If you are still unable to access your account, contact hrstraining@wsu.edu for assistance.
  • Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) an employee does not have to paid for training time only if all 4 of the following criteria are met:
    • Attendance is outside of the employee’s regular working hours;
    • The employee’s attendance is voluntary;
    • The course, lecture, or meeting is not directly related to the employee’s job; and;
    • The employee does not perform any productive work during the training.
  • If any of these 4 criteria are not met, then the training time must be treated as work time. This means the employer must pay for the time and must include the training time in total hours worked when determining overtime pay.
  • If an employer requires that an employee attends the training, the training will not be considered voluntary. In addition, if the employee believes they would be subject to adverse action, such as poor performance ratings or demotion, if they fail to attend the training, it may not be considered voluntary even though the employer claims it is.
  • If the training helps an employee handle her job more effectively, it will be considered directly related to the employee’s job. Alternatively, if the training prepares the employee for a new job or additional skill, it will not be directly related to her job.

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How do I find upcoming live courses (instructor-led training)?

Your Human Resource Services Learning and Organizational Development (HRS LOD) team collaborates with many WSU departments to provide live training opportunities on WSU system-specific topics. Information on upcoming Classes (previously called “Sessions”) of Live Courses scheduled for the following two weeks are featured in promotional content strips and on the banner immediately at the top of the page immediately upon users’ Login to Percipio.

Additionally, some of our most popular courses may be listed under the “Featured Learning Opportunities” section of the HRS LOD Overview page and on our HRS LOD Social Media. You can also view the complete list of trainings available in our Learning Catalog.

Learn more about live courses in the Find Live Courses section of the Knowledge Base.

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How do I register for live courses (instructor-led trainings)?

It is important to register for each live course you wish to attend so you can be updated of any changes and receive notifications regarding class changes and updates.

You can register in live courses by logging into the WSU Online Learning System and searching for a specific course title or by using the library drop down menu.

Registration help and answers to other questions about these sessions are available by contacting 509-335-4521 or hrstraining@wsu.edu

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How do I cancel my registration for a live courses?

There are a few ways you can cancel your registration:

  • Select My Profile and then select My Live Courses. From here, you can click the Cancel button for the session you are registered for.
  • Access the registration confirmation email sent to you from “no-reply@percipio.com” and click the View Live Course button within the email. Click the Cancel button for the session you are registered for.
  • Search for the course in the search bar at the top of your dashboard, click the course name and click the Cancel button for the session you are registered for.

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What are Channels and Journeys?

A Channel is where you can find all content about a particular subject areas of interest. Channels present several types of content, using different views and presentation options to assist you with determining what content best meets your needs. Learn more about channels on the knowledge base.

A Journey is a structured learning path. A journey keeps you working toward an overall goal, helping you to achieve your career aspirations. Each stage takes you step-by-step through a diverse set of topic areas. As you move along the path, each journey builds upon your current knowledge allowing you to broaden and strengthen your skills. Learn more about journeys on the knowledge base.

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Do I need approval to participate in training?

Employees must receive supervisory approval to attend live training (ILT) and/or to participate in online training during normal work hours. Review the polices in: Release Time for Training (BPPM 60.72) and Appropriate Use of Training Time.

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How do I access my training records?

Log in to your WSU Online Learning System account

  1. Select My Profile then select Activity.
  2. Depending on what content you accessed or started, you may see additional pages under Activity on the left side navigation.

Learn more about your Activity on the knowledge base.

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I completed a live course recently. Why isn’t my Activity updated?

Our HRS LOD team and other WSU Course instructors prioritize manually reconciling attendance and closing out sessions within 10-15 business days, either by using the completed attendance roster from the instructor or the Zoom report for the session. Once a session is closed out, the course completion date will be accurately reflected in your training record.

Note: If a team member is Out-of-Office for an extended period of time using annual leave, sick leave, or for any other reason, and the session was coordinated using that team member’s Zoom account, that time period may be extended.

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I completed a WSU Custom (On-Demand) course. Why isn’t the training reflected as completed under my training history/activity?

  • Please access Skillsoft’s knowledge base article “My course progress isn’t saving” for solutions to common course progress issues.
  • Some of the most common concerns are related to browser health, so it is important to keep your web browser updated and clear your cache and cookies often. Specific information from Skillport can be found here.
  • Microsoft Edge is not a supported browser, ensure you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari if you are a Mac user.

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How do I download a certificate of completion?

Log in to your WSU Online Learning System account:

You can download a certificate of completion for any of the following that you complete in Percipio:

  • WSU Custom Course
  • WSU Custom Journey
  • Skillsoft Course
  • Aspire Journey

Download a certificate from the Activity page:

  1. From My Profile select Activity
    1. Note: learning activity/certificates for training imported from Skillport will be displayed in the External Learning menu item.
  2. Locate the completed course or journey in the list.
  3. From the More Actions column, select View Certificate. The certificate displays in your browser window.

To download a certificate of completion for a course on the Compliance platform:

  1. From My Profile select Compliance
  2. Select your profile again and select Training History
  3. The option to download a certificate is listed next to the Completed column

Learn more about certificates in the knowledge base.

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What is WSU’s policy on release time for training?

University supervisors may release employees from normal work duties to attend training programs which promote professional development or improve jobs skills.

  • An employee may take any amount of supervisor-directed training.
  • An eligible full-time employee may use up to 96 hours of release time per fiscal year for elective training purposes.
  • An eligible part-time employee may use hours of release time prorated according to his or her FTE percentage, e.g., a 50% FTE employee would be eligible for 48 hours of release time.
  • Prior to approving more than 20 hours of release time, a supervisor may ask the employee to submit a training plan outlining his or her development goals.
  • More information on release time for training can be found in BPPM 60.72: Release Time for Training.
  • HRS guidelines on Appropriate Use of Training Time.
  • If you have further questions, speak with your supervisor or contact your Human Resource Consultant.

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How do I search for audio books, courses, or other learning assets?

There are multiple ways to find a variety of content types within Percipio:

  1. From the Library select Skill Areas to open the Library home page, then select the area and subject under What would you like to learn today. From the menu directly, select the specific area and subject, a Certification, an Aspire Journey, or something from the Showcase.
  2. The Percipio search function recognizes a variety of content types. For a full list, please visit the Understanding Search section in the knowledge base.

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As a supervisor, how can I help my employees create a learning plan?

To help your employees create a learning plan you can:

  1. Determine what job duties within your department require special skills or university-specific knowledge.
  2. Evaluate your employee’s skills and compare them to your required skillset.
  3. Match the required skill-development with the courses offered through HRS Training.  Ultimately, this comparison will lead you to identifying the courses appropriate for your employee’s training plan.
  4. Work with the employee to schedule training, taking into account both the employee’s schedule and departmental needs.

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