Through the Executive Coaching program, WSU faculty and staff have access to coaches from ten external executive coaching firms who have a variety of specialties and experience in a wide range of settings.

Executive coaching offers many benefits including new outlooks on personal challenges, improved decision-making skills, increased confidence, and greater overall effectiveness. Those who utilize coaching services have seen a substantial improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the accomplishment of significant goals.

A typical executive coaching engagement is about 6 months in duration, but can be anywhere from 6-18 months, depending on the situation.

Steps to Get Started:

Obtain time commitment and financial support approval from your manager to participate in Executive Coaching.

Schedule an intake session with Human Resource Services (HRS) to review coaching specialties and profiles. Be prepared to share what outcomes you would expect to see from a successful coaching engagement. You will also need to share what budget funds are available for the coaching engagement.

After meeting HRS and identifying your core objectives, HRS will have conversations with two to three coaching firms. Based on those discussions, HRS will make recommendations for at least two coaches you will meet with to determine the best match. After meetings with the recommended firms, you will notify HRS of your choice.

HRS will receive authorization from your appointing authority to execute the executive coaching engagement. With approval, the financial support team in your department will be provided a statement of services to enter a purchase order for the selected firm. Once this has been completed, coaching services can commence.

To ensure the best experience and matching with a coach best fits your needs, please review the Getting Started process, then schedule an intake session with Human Resource Services.

Meet the coaches

In accordance with University and state processes, WSU has contracts with the following coaching firms:


Manuhuia Barcham

At Archetekt we provide senior and mid-level leaders with coaching and organizational support on leadership development team building communications organizational effectiveness leading relationship building and managing change.

As a Strategic Design & Futuring firm we bring a humanistic and creative aspect to our work augmented by a strong data and evidence-informed approach. As part of this process, we can provide confidential executive coaching and facilitate the development of leadership development plans. This work can be aligned with our other work around strategic design and planning through workshops and the creation of associated materials such as strategic and operational plans and support through processes such as implementing continuous improvement practices.

As a company, we have deep experience in coaching and organizational support around the issue of equity and diversity in the workplace.

Aguiar Professional Training, LLC

Aguiar Professional Training is a Strengthscope-certified training and executive coaching company specializing in organizational effectiveness for teams and individuals, using strength-based workshops and one-on-one coaching. The Company has successfully led teams in diverse industries such as government, biotech, nonprofit, higher education, and engineering in ways to use their strengths to improve team dynamics, build trust, and be happier at work and at home. The strategies taught can often increase productivity and transform work environments by teaching practical techniques that help people strategically use their strengths and energizers while avoiding or transforming areas that drain them. Organizations learn how to get maximum performance from the teams that they already have in place, utilizing the personal strengths that the team members have, instead of being forced to adopt behavior changes that will never feel natural or sustainable.

Susette Aguiar-Possnack

Susette Aguiar-Possnack is the founding partner and CEO of Aguiar Professional Training LLC.  She is a Goldstar Certified Partner in the Strengthscope system, using Strengthscope and other tools to assess individuals and organizations, enabling the creation of simple, strength-based, training strategies that identify what the organization wants to achieve, as well as providing easily attainable steps to reaching those goals.  She is a member of PIHRA, the Association for Professionals in Human Resources.

Twelve years ago, she launched Aguiar Professional Training, based on observations she made during her own personal career experiences as an educator, and as an executive in the University of California system, as well as in various nonprofit organizations.  She saw, firsthand, the tremendous variation in the competency of different leaders and co-managers, and the impacts that this had on their staff in terms of job satisfaction, growth, productivity, health, and turnover.  She began to realize that there was a direct correlation between these factors and whether employees were functioning in their areas of strength, instead of in areas that drained them.

Personal Background: Susette is the daughter of parents who emigrated to the United States from the Azores Islands of Portugal, and she went from a very modest home environment where English was rarely spoken, to being the first and only family member to graduate from university, ultimately becoming a high school teacher teaching English!  After a 5-year stint as a teacher, Susette chose to enter the non-profit/higher education world, and progressed through positions of increasing responsibility with various organizations, up to the position of Director of Development at the University of California.  Sensing that she could fulfill a higher purpose than simply being just another employee in a workplace environment that seemed, in many ways, to be broken, she left UC and founded Aguiar Professional Training, where she has served as its CEO since 2012.

The Athena Group

George Zeno

As an African American with a unique perspective from integrating an all-white school and being the lone person of color in management roles, George Zeno’s coaching philosophy brings focus on fostering inclusive and diverse environments to executive coaching. I support leaders traumatized by organizational dynamics, addressing the impact on their health, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. My coaching, rooted in lived experiences and academic background, emphasizes empathy and strategic empowerment.

I coach individuals and teams, adapting to meet specific needs and aligning with organizational objectives and individual growth. My six-month initial engagement features tailored sessions to ensure meaningful progress, backed by discretion and professionalism. My approach builds resilience and capacity for long-term success.

About me: A 30-year veteran in education justice, I have extensive experience in access, policy, philanthropy, and institutional effectiveness. Through my roles at the University of Washington, UC Berkeley, and Pacific Lutheran University I have been equipped with expertise in coaching university executives and campus leaders on complex systems, teaming, and personal development.

I have co-created programs for leaders in culture development, inclusive policy, talent recruitment and retention, admissions, retention, psychological safety, risk management, systems thinking, fundraising, and power dynamics. As a social ecology practitioner, I blend lived experiences with formal knowledge in human development, behavioral economics, business intelligence, and community wisdom to promote equitable, just, and sustainable outcomes.

Bridges power holders with community, corporate, and civic engagement opportunities, I foster social responsibility through strategic planning and systems transformation, I integrate academic theory, design innovation, and grassroots thinking to create equity-focused learning journeys that enhance institutional effectiveness and personal development.

A proud WSU alumnus, I have worked with WSU administrators on diversity and equity programming. I also advise the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on post-secondary achievement, the National Black MBA Association on executive coaching and entrepreneurship, and the Tacoma Anchor Network on executive learning and community engagement.

Christina Chang

Christina Chang’s coaching philosophy starts with radical listening and is built on respect, vulnerability, humility, and curiosity. She follows four principles she calls TENDing to our Courageous Conversations, adapted from Glenn Singleton’s work: TRUTH, ENGAGE, NONCLOSURE, and DISCOMFORT. These principles guide her coaching with questions like: What does it mean to speak my truth? How do I stay engaged? How can I hold nonclosure and press ahead? How do I embrace discomfort? These questions form the foundation of the coaching journey.

About me: I am a (she/her) race and equity consultant based in Seattle, specializing in fostering diverse and inclusive work cultures at universities and non-profits nationwide. I actively serve in various higher education institutions such as the University of Michigan, North Carolina State, University of Oregon, and the University of California-San Francisco, and my non-profit clients include Make-A-Wish and the Smithsonian Institution.

Previously, I led finance, talent, and administration teams at the University of Washington’s Advancement organization for 15 years, managing a $65M budget and initiating a race-conscious talent management strategy. I have also been a keynote speaker and faculty member for organizations like CASE, ChLA, ADRP, AADO, and AFP. I hold degrees from Georgetown University and American University and am currently a PhD candidate at Antioch University.

Jen Self, PhD

Dr. Jen Self’s coaching phiolophsy is centered around change. Change is life, and we are always in the process of either resisting or promoting change. When leaders allow Jen (Dr. J) to be a part of their process – to connect with their energy, their goals, their vision – they inhabit this transformation together. That liminal space is what Dr. J lives for; in those moments, pure truth, dignity, love, joyous power, the best we have to offer as people is visible. In that space, anything is possible.

Dr. J coaches through the lenses of emotional intelligence, equity, justice, and trauma-informed work environments. Their training as a licensed clinical social worker, their doctorate in social welfare focused on racial and gender justice and structural power, and their specific work with and knowledge of both the millennial generation and GenZ, position them as one of few executive coaches with the combination of knowledge and skill that is required for the challenges in our present environment. 

About me: Dr. Jen Self, LICSW (they/them) is the CEO/Founder of Brick 13, a Critical Equity Educational Consulting and Coaching LLC. They have spent the better part of 25 years in higher education as a Founder and Director of the University of Washington Q Center, a Clinical Professor in the School of Social Work, and a researcher whose scholarship assisted in the development of the field of Intersectional LGBTQIA+ Student Services. They have coached, educated, and developed leaders across industries, from non-profits to government to corporate.

Jen credits their early experiences as a gender outlaw and time playing Pac-12 basketball for Cal as the impetuses for their life’s dedication to intersectional racial and gender justice. Dr. Self is a visionary, an outcast, an innovator, a community builder, a chameleon, a connector of ideas and people, a musical theater nerd, a continual learner, a co-host of the podcast All the Things-PNW (Spotify), a creator, a parent, a pro-femme space advocate, a partner, a survivor of many things, always a radical truth-teller, and even on a good day, continually shaking off the teachings of White supremacy. 

Liz Cruz

Liz Cruz is an experienced talent & leadership development professional, organizational effectiveness consultant, and leadership coach with a notable background in the corporate space. Her coaching approach is informed by their deeply held belief that each of us is inherently brilliant and that the best solutions to our leadership challenges are found in our deep knowledge of ourselves. Her process begins with assessing the client’s emotional intelligence strengths through the EQ-i (the leading EQ assessment) and exploring how to best bring them to bear in the challenges at hand.

Liz helps her clients to learn about themselves, to investigate their feelings and beliefs, and to build a practice of taking small but powerful actions to create radical change in their leadership. 

About me: Over the course of my corporate career (Whole Foods Market, Amazon), I was responsible for several specialized leadership development programs, team effectiveness initiatives, and organizational design projects. Over the past several years, I have worked with leaders and teams across corporate, non-profit, and government sectors.

My superpowers include developing and facilitating leadership curricula covering a wide range of topics, leading team and organizational development work, and both team and individual coaching. Much of my coaching work centers on developing emotional intelligence skills as a foundation for leadership success; working with LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized leaders is an area of passion. As a consultant and facilitator, I am an innovative counselor, creative collaborator, and driven by a deep curiosity.

DJC Consulting, Coaching, and Training, LLC

Meet our Coaches

Dr. Jolene Church

Dr. Jolene Church is the founder and CEO of DJC Consulting, Coaching, and Training LLC, a prominent leader in leadership and organizational transformation since 1998. Starting her career with JET Field Services and transitioning to DJC in 2017, she has held pivotal roles such as Workforce Development Director for a public utility and HR Director for a County and Special Transit District. Her academic background includes teaching business administration and leadership, and she has authored eight books on leadership topics.

With over eight years of executive coaching experience on Wall Street, Dr. Church is adept at guiding leaders through complex challenges and transforming troubled portfolios. She is recognized for her expertise in executive coaching, leadership development, team building, collaboration, and organizational effectiveness. As a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and a Forbes contributing writer, she is influential in the HR industry and champions EQ training and leadership development.

Dr. Church’s coaching approach emphasizes openness, results, and adaptability. She focuses on setting clear goals, ensuring accountability, and fostering adaptability among her clients, aligning closely with WSU’s expectations for executive coaching and leadership development. Her transformative impact at Riverside Public Utilities, where she reshaped the customer service perspective across 2,500 employees and leaders, highlights her ability to drive significant organizational change.

Stacey Farmer-Hughes

Stacey Farmer Hughes is a distinguished executive coach and leadership development leader with over 25 years of experience. She specializes in empowering transitioning executives and professionals, unlocking their potential and aligning their skills with transformative opportunities. Educated at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Media Studies, Stacey has continuously expanded her skills through professional development, earning certifications with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in Career Development, Teamwork, Analytical Thinking, and Adult Education.

Stacey’s competencies in Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have been pivotal in her role as a strategic consultant. Her influential tenure at Farmer Hughes Consulting and as an Executive Coach at Crisp highlights her ability to drive organizations towards cultural transformation and strategic advancement. At the core of her philosophy is the belief in catalyzing change and nurturing a culture of learning. Her approach focuses on fostering leadership that is innovative, adaptable, and deeply rooted in organizational culture, aligning perfectly with WSU’s leadership development and team-building needs.

Heidi Lumpkin

Heidi Lumpkin is the innovative Director of Programming at the Coach Certification Institute. After a successful corporate executive career in training delivery, operations, and design, she founded ‘Fridays Open’ in 2016, a coaching firm dedicated to helping others realize their leadership and career potential.

With a background in Media Studies from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and certifications from the Association for Talent Development, Heidi’s expertise spans Career Development, Teamwork, Analytical Thinking, Adult Education, Organizational Culture, Change Management, Executive Coaching, Employee Engagement, and CRM.

Heidi’s focus on mindset and intention addresses the ‘confidence deficit’ many face, empowering professionals to overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome. As Director of Programming, she has infused innovative strategies into the curriculum, sparking transformation and confidence in clients. Her approach includes deliberate practice, habit stacking, and ongoing support, leading to significant and sustainable results.

Heidi’s mantra is to say no to self-doubt and yes to authentic leadership, guiding clients toward focus, direction, clarity, and true confidence.

Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams is a vibrant business and career expert whose journey encompasses corporate leadership, business ownership, and ministry. Her experiences are marked by a love for life, people, and a deep spiritual connection, infusing her work with a unique blend of passion and purpose. Lisa’s expertise in invigorating leadership teams and transforming organizational strategies and cultures demonstrates her effectiveness in driving change and fostering growth.

Lisa has a profound ability to coach women in transition, helping them rediscover joy, energy, and focus in their careers, new ventures, or personal lives. Her approach is deeply empathetic and empowering, making her an invaluable resource for those navigating significant life changes.

With a background that spans financial services, hospitality, technology, legal, consulting, and the nonprofit sector, Lisa brings a multifaceted perspective to her coaching. In 2010, she leveraged her corporate experience to found Fresh Air Careers, which later evolved into Lisa Adams Coaching. This venture highlights her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to personal and professional development.

Lisa’s role as the founder and leader of Lisa Adams Coaching underscores her operational acumen and her ability to maintain a client-centric focus. Her leadership ensures that her coaching approach is not only practical and inspiring but also aligns with the highest standards of passion, authenticity, and excellence.

HLO Coaching

Founded in 2020, HLO Coaching, LLC provided professional coaching for women in the tech industry, later evolving to focus on leadership and wellness coaching for women in the gaming sector. The founder, Hanako Olmer, envisioned a space dedicated to personal transformation through evidence-based practices. While HLO Coaching specializes in the gaming industry, it also collaborates across various sectors and partners with other certified professionals. The company’s values underpin every aspect of their work, emphasizing a commitment to positively impacting individuals and communities. HLO Coaching partners with higher education institutions, tech corporations, game studios, and non-profits, aiming to assist leaders in realizing their potential through personalized guidance, support, and fostering innovation and resilience.

Meet our coaches:

Hanako Olmer, M.Ed, ACC

As Founder & CEO of HLO Coaching, Hanako Olmer partners with leaders to realign and reimagine in a time of change and curiosity. She focuses on transitions, performance improvement, values and goals alignment, and career exploration. Hanako is a certified professional coach with 18 years of advising and coaching individuals and teams in higher education, game studios, tech, and non-profit organizations. She has received an M.Ed. in Higher Education from Western Washington University as well as a Master’s
Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. She is also ACC-certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and certified in the Benchmark Suite of 360 Assessments through the Center of Creative Leadership.

Niki Lomibao, ACC

As Founder & CEO of Desert Blue Consulting & Coaching, Niki Lomibao partners with overwhelmed leaders to communicate with confidence and clarity. She focuses on effective communication, confident leadership, goal setting, and accountability. Niki is a certified professional coach with 10+ years working in non-profit organizations focusing on human resources and organizational development. She has received an M.A. in Organizational Development and Leadership as well as a Master’s Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. She is also ACC certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and utilizes the Everything DiSC+ Assessment Suite from Wiley in her coaching framework.

Ingrid Dahl

As founder & CEO of Ingrid Hu Dahl, L.L.C. Ingrid partners with clients focusing on leadership, inclusion, and belonging. She has 20+ years of experience as a learning and development expert, designing scaled solutions and immersive programs at Capital One, Meta, and Gap, Inc. Her clients range from founders of startups and senior executives to individuals exploring
career shifts and opportunities to accelerate their purpose and impact. Ingrid has an M.A. degree in Women’s & Gender Studies from Rutgers University and
a Master’s Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. She is ACC-certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and certified in the Benchmark Suite of 360 Assessments through the Center of Creative Leadership.

Integris Performance Advisors

At Integris Performance Advisors, our goal is to help leaders achieve their desired level of effectiveness and efficiency based on their own measures of success. In every coaching engagement, we meet the coachee where they are, without judgment and with a spirit of curiosity.

Rather than focusing solely on specific issues, we coach the person as a whole. This approach leads to greater self-awareness, a longer-term perspective, and increased confidence. Your Integris coach will work with you to understand your goals and help you develop a tailored action plan to achieve them.

Meet our Coaches

Amy Dunn

Amy Dunn leverages extensive leadership experience and evidence-based training to optimize talent at individual, team, and organizational levels across diverse sectors including insurance, financial services, technology, academia, healthcare, and government. Her background as Vice President of Human Resources and Talent Management in a Fortune 50 company provides practical insight into navigating complex organizational challenges and pressures.

Her consulting approach is results-driven, aimed at bringing out the best in people and organizations. Amy offers tailored services that include:

  • Leadership Practices Inventory® for enhancing leadership behaviors.
  • Stakeholder-Centered Coaching, involving key constituents in goal-setting and progress assessment.
  • Workshops on Interpersonal Skills Development, Emotional Intelligence, and High Impact Meetings.
  • The Leadership Challenge Workshop® for leadership development grounded in extensive research.
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and Everything DiSC Workplace® for team building and personality assessment.
  • Designing succession planning processes and facilitating high-impact meetings.

Amy’s coaching philosophy emphasizes clear feedback, genuine desire for growth, and access to tools for learning new skills. Her unique value lies in providing candid yet supportive feedback grounded in trust and respect, fostering sustainable personal and organizational growth.

Clients benefit from Amy’s deep expertise in people leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, and driving high team performance, making her an ideal coach for leaders committed to personal and organizational development.

Doug Nathan

Doug Nathan’s essence of work across coaching, writing, teaching, training, consulting, and business ownership is driven by a passion for learning and guiding others towards lives filled with clarity, purpose, and passion. With over 20 years of coaching experience, his approach emphasizes slowing down, leading with curiosity, and empathizing deeply with individuals’ perspectives.

Beginning his career at Microsoft, Doug initially taught managers how to coach employees in career development before advancing to coaching high-potential employees and executives. He had the privilege of working globally with tech firms, business organizations, government agencies, and public education. At King County, he served as a Conflict Engagement Consultant and Learning and Development Manager at King County Metro, where he pioneered an internal coaching program that integrated equity and racial justice principles.

Doug’s credentials include Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Professional Certified Mentor Coach certifications from the International Coach Federation, along with qualifications in various leadership and coaching assessments. His coaching philosophy centers on a three-path journey of doing, learning, and being, focusing on expanding leadership capacity through strengths-based, whole-systems approaches. I partner with clients to foster creative, systemic solutions that enhance individual and team performance and cultivate inclusive workplace cultures.

Evans Kerrigan

Evans Kerrigan brings over 30 years of expertise in Organizational Development, Leadership Development, and Operational Excellence across corporate and public sectors. He designs custom skill development programs and fosters healthy organizational cultures using The Leadership Challenge and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team models. Evans is adept with Everything DiSC and other tools to enhance emotional intelligence and team dynamics. His experience spans industries from financial services to government agencies, where he’s implemented Lean and Six Sigma methodologies for process improvement.

As a coach, Evans believes in unlocking individuals’ hidden strengths and leadership potential through deep self-awareness and growth. He supports leaders in identifying goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving personal and professional advancement. With a commitment to listening, reflection, and insight-sharing, Evans helps clients discover their own solutions and navigate challenges effectively.

Vaundee “Coach” Arnold

Vaundee “Coach” Arnold is an experienced Leadership Development Coach with over 30 years of expertise in cultivating effective leaders across various sectors. She is dedicated to creating environments where clients feel supported and empowered to achieve their leadership goals. Vaundee specializes in The Leadership Challenge® and Leadership Practices Inventory®, enhancing client development beyond mere coaching to transformative personal and professional growth. Her coaching approach emphasizes psychological safety, diversity, and empathy to foster inclusive workplace cultures.

She co-founded Jump Up Leadership Youth, a nonprofit focused on youth leadership development, reflecting her commitment to nurturing future leaders. Vaundee’s coaching philosophy revolves around humor, trust, and empathy, believing these elements are crucial for inspiring and sustaining leadership growth. She engages clients through values-based discussions and behavior assessments, helping them implement actionable strategies for personal and team development.

In her coaching journey, Vaundee has successfully guided international cohorts and quick-service restaurant leaders, facilitating significant behavioral shifts and organizational improvements. Her clients benefit from her deep experience, compassionate approach, and proven methodologies tailored to individual leadership needs.

Liberum, LLC

Meet our Coaches

Samantha Trotter, Organizational Development Director, Liberum, LLC

Samantha Trotter brings over 10 years of coaching experience from her work with Public Sector executives, supporting both teams and individuals with conflict resolution, mediation, communication, team development, performance management, strategy, and prioritization. She is dedicated to her own Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) learning and has over 8 years of experience developing and delivering DEIB content and training plans to teams and organizations. Samantha holds a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and a double minor in Linguistics and Spanish from Western Washington University.

She is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered certified coach and a BARE-certified coach for women.

Lauri Valenta

Lauri Valenta has 12+ years of executive coaching experience spanning Public Sector and Non-Profit organizations. She has coached individuals and teams on leadership development, organizational performance management/improvement, and process improvement initiatives. Lauri has coached leaders on creating and implementing performance metrics, and strategic plans, strengthening team performance, and transforming workplace culture. Holding a master’s degree in Organization Development with an emphasis on Executive Coaching from the University of Texas-Dallas, Lauri is also well-trained in supporting and enabling diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and helping leaders on their own DEI competency-building journey.

Qualia, Inc.

Suzanne Qualia, PCC MBA

The Qualia Inc. Coaching Philosophy: The 4-M Framework

Suzanne Qualia’s success as a leadership coach stems from her unique 4-M framework, which encompasses Meaning, Motivations, Mindsets, and Methods.

Meaning: Leadership coaching with Suzanne is a series of outcome-focused, action-oriented conversations that leverage day-to-day experiences to foster leadership growth and development.

Motivations: Both Suzanne and the leader are motivated to achieve successful outcomes through a strong, collaborative partnership.

Mindsets: Leaders embrace a growth mindset, open to learning and new perspectives, while the Coach believes that leaders are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Coaching unlocks pathways to harness this wholeness, rather than “fixing” perceived deficiencies.

Methods: Outcomes-focused, the aim is to enhance engagement, retention, team performance, and foster a high-performing culture. Through the use of data insights and a structured, three-phase coaching engagement plan, action items are targeted and supported by a collaborative network involving the coach, coachee, manager, and other stakeholders. This collaboration ensures comprehensive support and successful outcomes.

Excited to collaborate with WSU leaders as their coach to enhance their impact on the university’s strategic initiatives and departmental goals, Suzanne focuses on creating measurable results in key areas such as trust-building, leader-as-coach skills, executive presence, communication, influential leadership, conflict management, feedback delivery, change leadership, team growth, organizational culture, resilience, stress management, and emotional and positive intelligence. Suzanne’s structured yet personalized coaching approach has led to significant benefits, including reduced turnover, increased employee engagement and retention, and sustained motivation, creativity, and innovation.

About Suzanne: Bringing over 20 years of corporate experience in leading global supply chains, provides Suzanne with a with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and leadership challenges. Transitioning to a leadership coach 12 years ago, she combines practical experience with professional coaching expertise for impactful results. Suzanne has also taught at two University of Wisconsin campuses, enhancing her education and mentorship skills. Her diverse coaching portfolio includes leaders from California public transportation agencies and a public healthcare agency in Massachusetts, giving her a broad perspective on leadership across various sectors.

Scontrino-Powell, Inc.

Overall Philosophy Statement for Scontrino-Powell, Inc.

Our coaches use the science of psychology to help managers navigate challenging situations, solve problems, and achieve their goals. In addition to coaching, we specialize in change management, organizational development, Lean, and team building. Known as “tool intensive,” we share various tools and teach you how to use them effectively. Our highly respected coaches in the Pacific Northwest have extensive experience, having coached hundreds of executives, managers, and supervisors globally, including university presidents, deans, chancellors, provosts, senior vice-presidents, vice-presidents, and school directors.

Meet our Coaches

Dr. Peter Scontrino

Throughout his 40+ year consulting career, Dr. Peter Scontrino has become a widely recognized expert in the application of the principles of I-O psychology. Peter has assisted clients in projects ranging in scope from employee selection and performance appraisal systems to productivity incentive plans. He also has experience in how to effectively involve and develop employees through organization-wide change efforts. Peter has worked with organizations ranging from five-person operations to Fortune 100 companies and has worked globally with clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Peter graduated from Seattle University and went on to earn his Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology from Michigan State University. He is a past director of the Washington State Psychological Association and of the Pacific Northwest Organizational Development Network. Born and raised in the State of Washington, he served on the faculties of the University of Washington and Seattle University prior to forming Scontrino-Powell in 1975. Peter has published a number of articles and has co-authored a text on performance appraisal. He also served as an examiner for the Washington State Quality Award.

Dr. Jevon Powell

Dr. Jevon Powell is a trusted advisor to senior management in a wide variety of industries, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Clients include Starbucks, Mattel, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Eddie Bauer, and many more. His specialties include executive coaching, employee engagement, change management, and team building. The center point of Jevon’s work is helping clients see things from new perspectives. He asks provocative questions that lead to new insights and new behaviors.

He began graduate studies at the University of Washington and received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York City. Jevon began his consulting career in 1997 as a staff consultant with RHR International, a leading provider of management psychology services worldwide. Certified in Hogan Assessment Systems, and Center for Creative Leadership, Jevon joined Scontrino-Powell in 2001 and is now the owner of the firm. He is also a proud member of Seattle Rotary Club.

Dr. Helen Chung

Dr. Helen Chung is Assistant Professor of Management in the School of Business, Government and Economics at Seattle Pacific University, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in organizational behavior, human resource management, leadership, teams, and performance management. She is also co-owner and principal of Pathways Coaching and Consulting and works with individuals and teams in the areas of leadership development and effectiveness. She has coached numerous leaders in a variety of organizations and industries, including serving as a leadership coach with the Center for Strategic Leadership and Thinking at the University of Washington. Helen’s work as an educator and coach is driven by her passion to build learning organizations and communities where individuals’ gifts and differences are integrated into the broader culture.

Teleios Consulting, LLC

Lee Riely

Professional Coaching with Lee Riley is an excellent way to take the next step in your professional growth. Whether in preparation for a more demanding role, closing some troublesome gaps in your current skill set, or working through a specific workplace challenge, a customized approach might be your best option.

My coaching is practical, yet with a view towards your long-term development.  I don’t spend a lot of time on leadership theory or abstract situations; I seek to understand you, your context, and what you need to be successful.  Also, I’ve taught leadership workshops for years and so bring a considerable understanding of “best-practice” skills to our work together.

My Leadership Perspective: Good Leaders build their authority on trust and respect, not merely their position.  They’re confident, yet humble; they know how to connect personally while still being “the boss.”  They balance taking charge and being direct with collaboration and shared decision-making.  They own their mistakes and know that a positive workplace culture begins with them.  Leaders who embody qualities such as self-awareness and their impact on others; recognizing communication and conflict styles, stress reactions, and inner motivators that shape their reactions; reactions; understanding power dynamics within the organization; skilled at managing others, building relationships, and establishing expectations; inspiring confidence through general communication, team meetings, etc.

These leaders are effective, trusted, respected, and the kind of managers employees want to work for.  If you’d like to know more, I’m happy to share more about my approach and what a coaching relationship looks like.  Or, if you’re new to the idea of coaching and just want to ask some questions, I’m happy to help.

VACHON Coaching and Consulting

Jen Vachon

Jen Vachon is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with 20+ years of experience helping leaders and their teams grow and evolve through coaching and consulting. She provides executive leadership coaching to support individuals, teams, and organizations in industries ranging from the public sector to tech startups to finance, to manufacturing, and construction.

Specializing in helping leaders enhance their leadership skills, develop high-impact teams, and create exceptional organizational cultures, Jen excels at guiding clients through new roles and constant change. She believes that investing in, supporting, and developing people and culture is essential for long-term organizational success. Jen is also highly skilled in organizational development, holding certifications and specialized training in advanced facilitation, organizational change management, and team development. With over 15 years of experience in public sector management consulting, she has served as a VP-level leader.

Jen brings a strengths-oriented behavioral science-based coaching approach, coupled with an authentic, practical, and direct style that helps leaders increase self-awareness, manage their mindset, develop new skills, take bold action, and accomplish extraordinary results.