When candidates arrive on campus it is important to “Roll Out the Crimson Carpet” and make them feel welcome at WSU. Below you will find recommended resources to help create a positive candidate experience.

Learn why a positive candidate experience is important:

A gold star with rainbow-colored spotlights shining on it placed at the end of a long red carpet with the text: Roll out the crimson carpet.

Interview Facilitation | Candidate Ambassadors & Interview Event Participants

Interview Facilitation | Sample Email to Candidate Ambassadors | Sample Email to Interview Event Participants

Interview Confirmation Email (Local Candidate)

Successful – Next Round Email (High Level Positions)

Successful – Next Round Email (Campus Visit)

Unsuccessful Candidate Letter (High Level Positions)

More letters can be found here: https://hrs.wsu.edu/Letters

Sample Candidate Packets

The Basics (Packet may be sent electronically or given to candidates when they arrive on campus)

Suggested Materials (Additional items to enhance the basic materials)

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Suggested Materials by Area

Pullman & the Palouse Region:


Please contact our Recruitment Specialist for questions on how to obtain any of these materials: (509) 335-4521 or hrs@wsu.edu