At Washington State University we are committed to providing students, parents, visitors, faculty and staff with positive customer service interactions through our Crimson Spirit Initiative. Commitment to our customers means giving them our full attention and anticipating their needs.

The training and resources below have been created to emphasize the importance of providing positive experiences through all interactions at WSU.

Dan Bernardo, Provost and Executive Vice President, Communication regarding Crimson Spirit – Customer Service Initiative, June 27, 2016.

Customer Service Training

Resources for Managers

Best Practice Customer Service Tips

  1. Smile: This is a simple and powerful tip for many interpersonal interactions.
  2. Make the Customer Feel Welcome: Use an appropriate greeting to make your customer feel welcome.
  3. Listen: You are unlikely to be able to help all of your customers effectively if you don’t listen to their needs.
  4. Learn your Department, Area and College – Be an Expert: If you don’t know the answer to a question then say so, don’t make up an answer; if possible find someone else to assist who knows the answer. Don’t be afraid to ask the customer/client questions that will give you a better understanding of their needs.
  5. Be Realistic: Do not over promise. Be aware of what you or your area/department can offer.
  6. Be Memorable – For the Right Reasons: We tend to remember positive and negative experiences more vividly than average day-to-day experiences. Try to make every customer’s experience a positive one that they’ll remember and talk to others about.

Crimson Spirit Award

Have you recognized someone exhibiting superior efforts in quality customer service, exceptional creativity in problem solving, noteworthy extra effort, and demonstration of trust and respect in a difficult situation in support of Washington State University’s Strategic Goals? Nominate them for the Crimson Spirit Award.