Prospective WSU Employees: Follow these instructions to apply for open positions if you are not currently paid by WSU. This includes all general applicants as well as WSU academic affiliates and contingent workers not paid by WSU.

You must have a WSU Jobs account to apply for open positions with Washington State University (WSU).

Create a WSU Jobs Account

Current WSU Employees

If you are a current WSU employee, you will not apply for open positions through this process and will search for open positions through the Find Jobs search in Workday. Refer to the Apply for Internal Job Posting guide.

  1. On the WSU Jobs site, select Sign In, and then choose Create Account.
  2. Fill in the required fields and select Create Account.
  3. You are now able to search for open positions at WSU!

Apply for Open Positions in WSU Jobs

Screenshot of the WSU Jobs page highlighting the search filters.
  1. From the WSU Jobs homepage you can search for open positions. In the sidebar you may filter your search results by department, employee type, work location, and full/part-time status.
  2. Select the blue hyperlinked open position you are interested in applying for from the search results, the select Apply and begin your application.
Screenshot of the WSU Jobs page highlighting the Search for Jobs link.

Note: You can return to the main search page at any time by selecting the Search for Jobs link at the top of the webpage.

Editing a Submitted Job Application

After submitting an application for an open position in WSU Jobs, there is no ability to edit your submitted application. Thus, please make sure all information is up to date and accurate before submitting. Contact HRS for any specific questions.

Withdrawing a Job Application

This action will withdraw your application from consideration and will not allow you to resubmit without contacting HRS.

Screenshot of the WSU Jobs candidate home page.
  1. Log into your WSU Jobs Account
  2. Choose Candidate Home in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  1. Under Submitted Applications, select the Manage dropdown menu for the application you wish to withdraw.
  2. Select Withdraw Application.
Screenshot of the WSU Jobs withdraw application menu.

Adding and Managing Job Alerts

Note: You must be signed into your account to create or edit a job alert.

Screenshot of the Manage job alerts page.

Add a Job Alert

  1. To add a Job Alert from WSU Employment select the Job Alerts tab in the upper right-hand corner on the WSU Job homepage.
  2. On the Job Alerts page, select the “Create Job Alert” button.
Screenshot of the Create Job Alert form.
  1. Fill in the required fields in the “Create Job Alert” form along with any optional fields.
    1. Name Your Job Alert: Enter a nickname for your job alert. For example: “Office Work.”
    2. Frequency allows you to select how often you would like to be notified.
    3. Job Category allows you to choose different employment types, such as Faculty, Administrative Professional, or Student.
    4. Location allows you to specify a region.
    5. Job Type allows you to choose the status of employment. Note: “Fixed Term” means temporary employment (employment with an anticipated end date).
    6. Full/Part-time allows you to choose full time or part time employment options.
  2. Select the OK button to save your job alert.

Edit or Delete a Job Alert

To edit or delete your job alerts select the “Manage” tab on the Job Alerts page and choose “Edit” or “Delete” from the drop down menu.

Screenshot of the Manage Job Alerts menu.