Due to challenges related to COVID-19, we have a significant backlog processing length of service gifts.

We are sorry for the delay in recognizing your remarkable achievement and commitment to Washington State University. Please know Human Resource Services is diligently working towards resolving this backlog. We thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time, and sincerely appreciate your patience.

Updated 2/19/2021

January through February

Academic Outreach and Innovation

Mary Katherine Packer: 5
Roger Alan Farrell: 20

Access and Opportunity

Meghan Carranza: 5

Accounting and Business Law

Marlene Marie Ibsen: 15


Trevor Dylan Hines: 5

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Caitlin Ariel Blethen: 5
Timothy David Waters: 15

Animal Sciences

Leila Marie Styer: 30


Luke S. Premo: 10

Associate Vice President – Facilities Services

Olivia Owyong Yang: 10

Auxiliary Facilities Services

Zackarie Steven Sena: 5
Danny E. Fey: 20

Beasley Coliseum

Shawn Stauber Paulson: 25
Randolph A. Bridckey: 40

Biological Systems Engineering

Huimin Lin: 20


Peipei Wang: 5

Budget Office

Peter J. Beeson: 25

CAHNRS Finance and Administration

Jennifer Louise Jansen

Campus Veterinarian, Office of the

Katherine Packer: 5

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Tim Ginn: 5

Clean Technology, Office of

Michael P. Wolcott: 25

College of Arts and Sciences – General Studies

Cassandra Jane Hernandez: 10
Karla S. Shelton: 20

College of Education

Tolulope V. Adesope: 5
Ashley Herridge: 20

College of Nursing

Wendy J. Williams-Gilbert: 5
Susan Lee Rossetti: 5
Kay Lynn Olson: 10
Theresa A. Barenz: 15
Barbara Kay Wallace: 20

College of Veterinary Medicine

John Paul Galloway: 20
Bethany S. Colaprete: 5
Robert D. Kirkpatrick: 40

Communications and Economic Development

Kellie Marie Henwood: 5

Cougar Health Services

Jennifer A. Dalton: 10
Rachna Narula: 5
Kayla Marie Hamilton: 5

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Sisouvahn Keopanapay: 15

Crop and Soil Sciences

Daniel Jacob Packer: 5


Rodney John Nash: 15

Dining Services

Thomas C. Edinger: 5
Yvonne Marie Kibbee: 30
Debra M. Haupt: 20

Educational and Public Media

James M. Boothby: 20

Enterprise Infrastructure Services

William Bonner: 15
John C. Furlong: 20


Yvette Anguiano: 5

Facilities Services Accounting

Lesa K. Neumann: 15

Facilities Services – Maintenance Services

John Leroy Baldwin: 20

Facilities Services – Construction Services

Richard Ernest Hull: 20
Neal E. Wallen: 20

Facilities Services – Custodial Services

Norman Chris Fung: 15
Steve Sarff: 15
John M. Gray: 15

Finance and Operations

Sara Kristine Rauch: 5


Ken Faunce: 20

Holland and Terrell Access Services

Amy C. Thielen: 5

Housing and Residence Life

Shelley Ann Burt: 40

Human Development

Lisa H. Cylde: 15

Human Resource Services

Stephanie J. Krumm: 5

Information Technology

Casey Michael O’Leary: 5
Dawn Marie Barnard: 15

Institute of Biological Chemistry

Paul Seonkap Hwang: 20

Institute for Shock Physics

Drew Elliott Rickerson: 5

Intercollegiate Athletics

Anne R. McCoy: 20

Journalism and Media Production

Richard F. Taflinger: 40

KWSU/KTNW Public Television

Debra Sue Benner: 5


Robert John Schimelpfenig: 5
Jennifer Tamashiro Yoshikawa: 30


Lynn Schreyer: 5

Medical Education and Clinical Sciences

Renata M S Moon: 5

Modernization – ERP Project

Tiffany DeMeerleer: 25

Payroll Services

Chantelle Nichole Boyd: 5
Jaclyn K. Gregg: 20

Police Department

Shannon Leigh Normandin: 5

Public Safety

David O. Stephenson: 20

Research Advancement and Partnerships

Emily Brashear: 5
Robert Finney: 5

Registrar, Office of the

Tania Swanger: 20

Research Assurances, Office of

John D. Sullivan: 10

School of Biological Sciences

Erica Crespi: 10
Jesse L. Brunner: 10
Mechthild Tegeder: 20

School of Design and Construction

Chrisjon Ray Thomas-Lacy: 5
Mona Ghandi: 5
Ayad B. Rahmani: 25

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Anamika Dubey: 5

School of the Environment – CAHNRS

Alecia Hoene: 5

School of the Environment – CAS

Scott P. Boroughs: 10

School of Food Science

Thuy Nguyen Bernhard: 5

School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Samantha Cooper: 5
Mostafa Mohammadabadi: 5
Kuen-Ren Chen: 5

School of Molecular Biosciences

Chengtao Her: 20
Stephanie Jil Sander: 5


Thomas Rotolo: 25

Strategic Communication

Cara Elizabeth Hawkins-Jedlicka: 5

Student Financial Services

Myla Marie Walter: 10

Talent Management

Kasi Balmforth: 5

Transportation Services and Visitor Center

Elizabeth Anne McManus: 5

University Marketing and Communications

Eric John Limburg: 20

Upward Bound

Alexander Eppel: 5

Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology

Jinna Alexandra Navas: 5

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Erin Patterson-Semler: 5
Francisco Aguilar-Contrer: 5
Jennifer Paige Heusser: 10

Viticulture and Enology

Kauryn Elizabeth Balcom: 5

Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Marc Levin: 5
Wenji Dong: 15
David Lin: 20
Anita Vasavada: 20

WA Stormwater Center

Heidi Siegelbaum: 5

Washington Small Business Development Center

Stacey Lynn Dacar: 5

Western Extension – Risk Management Education Center

Constance Mae Barner: 30

WSU Children’s Center

Melissa L. Teller: 5

WSU Extension – Agriculture and Natural Resources

Shannon Macleod Bachtel: 5

WSU Extension – Community and Economic Development

Anthony Brennan Gromko: 5

WSU Extension – Youth and Families

Nancy Kay Baskett: 30


Michelle M. Moyer: 10

WSU Tri-Cities

Jon Lane Lobdell: 5
Joshua Rochek: 5
Robert Redder Franklin: 5
Michelle Raye Aronow: 15
John H. Miller: 20

WSU Vancouver

Leonard M. Cassidy: 5
Jennifer Kaye Sandstrom: 5
Brian Timothy Floyd: 10
Maria E. Abrahamsson: 10
Aaron R. Thorne: 15
Chad Alan Swanson: 20
Susan Peabody: 25

Last updated February 19, 2021. Please contact the Employee Recognition Program at hrs.employeerecognition@wsu.edu with updates or corrections to this list.