Administrative Assistant Series

This series differs from the office support series in that Administrative Assistants report to the head of a major organizational unit and perform and/or coordinate administrative support functions for the entire unit, develop and establish procedures and apply policies for the unit.

Provide staff support to the chief administrator or head of a major organizational unit such as a school, college or major academic or administrative department. Represent the administrator and/or unit’s goals and interests and provide and/or coordinate functions such as budget and space management/analysis, grant and contract proposal preparation, records management, student services and/or personnel administration.

Administrative Assistant 2

Provide administrative and staff support services for a section or unit with delegated authority to act in supervisor’s absence in areas of substance. Distinguished from lower level classes by addition of the delegation of authority to act for or in the regular place of the superior in substantive areas, and/or supervision of some professional or several clerical subordinates and a formal reporting align­ment identifying the position as the principal administrative assistant to the superior who is at the first professional supervisory level or above.

Administrative Assistant 3

Positions perform delegated higher-level administrative support duties or positions are responsible for one or more major program activities under a second line supervisor. Incumbents report to an executive head of a major organizational unit such as a school, college, or major academic or administrative department.

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