Civil Service and Bargaining Unit covered position descriptions contain three (3) expectation levels in the five (5) categories listed below.

Expectation Levels


Performance that consistently exceeds expectations. This performance goes above and beyond satisfactory expectations for the position.

Satisfactory/Meets Expectations

Performance that is satisfactory. This performance meets expectations for the position.

Unsatisfactory Performance

Performance that does not rise to the satisfactory level. This performance fails to meet the expectations for the position.


Quality of Work

Degree of competence, accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness. Performs assigned duties accurately and thoroughly with only minimal errors. An outstanding employee produces work of the highest quality; rarely makes errors.

Quantity of Work

Degree of use of time, volume of work accomplished, ability to meet schedules and productivity levels. Completes assigned work within the prescribed time limits. An outstanding employee completes work ahead of schedule; seeks additional tasks; recognized by co-workers as a “peak performer.”

Job Knowledge

Degree of technical knowledge and understanding of job procedures and methods. Understands assigned duties and job responsibilities. Understands the organization’s policies, procedures, goals and purpose as required for the job. An outstanding employee demonstrates exceptional knowledge and skills in the most complex aspects of the job.

Working Relationships

Degree of cooperation and ability to work with supervisor, co-workers, students, and clients served. Is courteous and works well with customers and co-workers. Creates a supportive work environment with open communication that values and encourages co-workers while treating them with dignity and respect. Encourages employees to contribute to the success of the University.

Other Factors (OPTIONAL)

This is an optional performance criteria. For positions which lead or supervise others, criteria in regarding lead/supervisory responsibilities should be added here.