WSU benefit-eligible faculty & staff have access to a variety of health and fitness discounts through the Employee Assistance Program and our medical insurance plans. We encourage you to explore and take advantage of these offerings.

Access to a nationwide network of gyms is available through Active&Fit Direct for all WSU PEBB-eligible employees. For $28 per month, you gain access to their network of gyms, spousal benefits, lifestyle coaching, online and video classes, and other health and fitness resources.

Employee Assistance Program: All benefit-eligible employees can access Active&Fit Direct through the EAP Work/Life Portal, even if you waive WSU medical coverage. After logging in (access code: WSU), select the Savings Center and proceed to the Perks at Work site. Other offerings you can peruse include free weekly online fitness classes, corporate pricing on fitness apps, and discounts on many other devices and services.

Medical plan benefits: If you are enrolled in a WSU PEBB medical plan, you can follow the links below to access Active&Fit Direct and other fitness benefits your insurance plan may offer.