Medical Insurance

WSU offers comprehensive employer/employee paid medical insurance. Employees have the option between ten plans, including Preferred Provider Plans, Managed Care Plans, Consumer Directed Health Plans (CDHP) and Accountable Care Plans. These plans are currently offered through Kaiser Permanente WA, Kaiser Permanente NW, and Uniform Medical. Wellness Incentives are offered to eligible participants in the amount of $125 per year through SmartHealth.

Dental Insurance

Employees may choose from three dental plans, including two Managed Care Plans and one Preferred Provider Plan. Current providers include Uniform Dental, Willamette Dental, and DeltaCare. There is no monthly premium associated with this coverage.

Tax-Free Medical Savings Accounts

These programs can assist with out-of-pocket health care costs.
Flexible Spending Arrangement (employee funded): This voluntary account is available with the non-CDHP Medical Plans.
Health Savings Account (employer/employee funded): This account is automatically activated when enrolled in a CDHP Medical Plan.

Life Insurance

WSU provides employees with a basic policy of $35,000 Term Life Insurance and $5,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) at no cost. For a monthly premium, new employees can purchase additional Life Insurance coverage up to $500,000 as a guaranteed issue, and potentially up to $1,000,000 through medical underwriting. Additional AD&D amounts are available up to $250,000 for employees and spouses/domestic partners, and $25,000 for children.

Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

WSU provides a basic LTD policy at no cost to the employee. This policy will provide a maximum benefit of up to $240 per month after 90 calendar days of total disability. Employees may enhance this benefit by purchasing optional coverage, which insures 60% of their salary, up to the first $10,000 monthly.

Retirement Plans

Faculty and Administrative Professionals can choose from the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Plan 3, the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Plan 3- a 401a plan, and the WSU Retirement Plan (WSURP)- a 403b plan.

The TRS Plan 3 (for Faculty) and PERS Plan 3 (for Administrative Professional) are tax-deferred hybrid plans that offer a Defined Contribution component and a Defined Benefit component. WSU will make employer contributions to a Defined Benefit account; employees will make contributions ranging from 5% – 15% to a Defined Contribution plan.

The WSURP is a tax-deferred defined contribution plan. WSU provides 100% matching contributions. Both employee and employer contributions, ranging from 5% – 10% based on age, are immediately and fully vested.

Voluntary Investment Plans

All employees have the ability to make additional contributions to one or both of the voluntary retirement programs up to the IRS maximum limits.  The plans are the Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) through TIAA (a 403b plan) and/or the State of Washington Deferred Compensation Program (a 457b plan).

Additional Benefits

  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
  • Automobile and Homeowners Insurance

Payroll, Annual Leave, and Sick Leave Basics


  • Paid twice a month: Wages earned 1st – 15th are paid on the 25th; wages earned 16th – 31st are paid on the following 10th

Paid Holidays:

  • 10 paid holidays per year; 1 paid personal holiday per fiscal year

Annual Leave:

  • Faculty in 12 month appointment: 16.67 hours per month*, maximum of 352 hours at any time
  • Administrative Professional: 16.67 hours per month*, maximum of 352 hours at any time
  • Faculty in 11 month or less appointment: No annual leave accrued

Sick Leave:

  • Full time employees earn 8 hours per month*, unlimited accruals

*Part time employees earn prorated amount

2021 Monthly Medical Premiums

Plan NameEmployee Only

2020 / 2021
Employee & Spouse / Partner
2020 / 2021
Employee & Child(ren)

2020 / 2021
Employee, Spouse, & Child(ren)
Kaiser WA Classic$176 / $189$362 / $388$308 / $331$494 / $530
Kaiser WA Value$100 / $112$210 / $234$175 / $196$285 / $318
Kaiser WA SoundChoice$42 / $55$94 / $120$74 / $96$126 / $161
Kaiser WA CDHP$27 / $26$64 / $62$47 / $46$84 / $82
UMP Classic$104 / $105$218 / $220$182 / $184$296 / $299
UMP Plus$69 / $72$148 / $154$121 / $126$200 / $208
UMP Select– / $37– / $84– / $65– / $112
UMP CDHP$25 / $25$60 / $60$44 / $44$79 / $79
Kaiser NW Classic$140 / $159$290 / $328$245 / $278$395 / $447
Kaiser NW CDHP$25 / $25$60 / $60$44 / $44$79 / $79

This document provides a summary of the benefits available through employment with WSU. For more detailed information, please visit our new employee website or contact our office at 509.335.4521 or

Printable PDF 2021 Benefit Overview for Faculty and AP