Changes to appointments with the university can result in possible impacts to various benefits and retirement options. Questions about these changes can be address to the HRS Benefits unit at 509-335-4521 or at

Reclassification or Taking a Position in a Different Employee Type

Insurance Coverage
Medical, Dental, and Life InsuranceAs long as the new appointment continues to be a benefit eligible appointment (, there will be no changes to the medical, dental, or life insurance coverage.

In the event the change in appointment results in a change in FTE or appointment term/length, please see the next section.
LTD InsuranceIf enrolled in the optional LTD coverage, a change in classification could result in a change of premium charged, as well as level of coverage.

The 60% wage replacement benefit would remain the same, but for employees participating in the WSURP plan vs. a PERS/TRS plan, they will pay a higher premium, due to an additional retirement benefit that is paid during approved LTD claims.
PERS, TRS, and WSURPOften changes in employee type will result in new retirement options being available, with a 30-day window to make changes. However, in some cases there may not be a new option available, and in others a retirement plan change will be required.

Employees should contact HRS Benefits to determine what is applicable to them no later than 30 days from when the change in classification occurs.
Leave AccumulationsChanges from one employee type to another could change the amount of annual leave and employee is able to accrue, as well as when a personal holiday will be acquired, and when it needs to be used.

Contact HRS Records to determine if the change in appointment may impact your leave.