When your appointment is . . .

A semester-to-semester appointment of 50% Full Time Equivalency, or more.

Coverage starts . . .

On the first day of the month following the start of the second semester, unless the second semester starts on the first working day of the month, in which case benefits will begin on that date.

Coverage continues if . . .

  • the employee works on a semester-to-semester basis while maintaining a 50% or greater appointment, and
  • the employee is in paid status for eight hours or more in each month*.

*Exception: benefits can be continued during periods of full Leave Without Pay during Family Medical Leave provided the employee pays their portion of the premiums.

Note: Eight hour rule.  HCA/PEBB states that if an employee is in paid status for eight hours a month, they are eligible for maintaining benefits.  HRS/WSU must determine how that eight hours of pay is arrived at.  Employees/departments cannot arbitrarily plug in eight hours of leave a month to maintain benefits – the use of leave must be in compliance with state and university leave rules.

Summer/Off-Season Benefit Eligibility:

Eligible for summer coverage: if the faculty member works half time or more throughout the instructional year (or equivalent nine month period) AND works each semester.

Not eligible for summer coverage: if they are not anticipated to be reappointed and they have been issued a non-reappointment letter, OR as of the date specified in the employee’s resignation letter.