VEBA Trust.

The VEBA MEP is a post-retirement health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) available to eligible state and higher education employees. This program enables your employer to deposit tax-free funds equivalent to the cash-out of your compensable unused sick leave at the time of retirement into a VEBA Trust account. 

Refer to BPPM 55.49: Payment Upon Separation of Employment and BPPM 60.41: Payment for Unused Sick Leave for additional information on payment of sick leave.

Visit the VEBA Trust website for detailed VEBA MEP information.

Prior to Retirement

WSU employees who are retiring and are eligible to receive Sick Leave Payout, must complete and sign the VEBA Membership Enrollment Form and return it to Human Resource Services, Campus Zip 1014, 139 French Administration.

The VEBA Enrollment Kit is available online or in Human Resource Services, 139 French Administration, 335-4521.

Note: Teaching and Research Faculty are not eligible for Sick Leave Payout.

PERS 3 and VEBA Eligibility

Employees who separated from state service and begin drawing from the Defined Benefit portion (the employer’s contributions) of their PERS 3 account, are considered to be retired, and are eligible to participate in the VEBA plan.

However, employees who leave state service and only withdraw funds from the Defined Contributions of Plan 3 (the employee’s portion of contributions) they are not considered as ‘retired’ and thus are not eligible to cash-out their sick leave or apply for VEBA.

To view account information, updated fund performance, print forms, and view plan information, log in to your account on the VEBA website.

For inquiries regarding account information, premium payment, or claim payment contact the Plan Administrator:

Spokane: (800) 888-8322
Tacoma/Bellvue: (800) 422-4023
Tri-Cities: (855) 565-2555
Claims and additional VEBA contact information.