Did you know that 11.3% of Americans are diabetic, and another 35% have prediabetes and may not even be aware? If left unchecked, prediabetes will eventually turn to diabetes.

NOTME Diabetes Prevention Program is focused on helping screen employees to determine if they may be prediabetic, and will provide assistance in helping those individuals from becoming a type 2 diabetic.

To participate in NOTME, you are encouraged to take the following steps:

  1. Take the Online Quiz to see if you may be at risk for diabetes. If so…
  2. Reserve a testing slot at one of the screening events listed on the HCA page to have a quick, non-fasting blood test. Walk-ins are also welcome.
    • To register for a time to be tested, please visit the HCA website.
    • Individuals participating in the NOTME screening events should bring their medical ID Cards to the screening.
  3. If the screening shows you may be prediabetic, you can meet with a health coach and join a series of sessions to help you learn ways to prevent becoming diabetic.

It is anticipated the screening and brief counseling session with a health coach (if needed) should last for approximately 15-30 minutes.The screening events and health sessions are free through your PEBB coverage.

Not Me FAQs

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  • WSU News Article 10/20/2014, Diabetes Prevention, Screenings Available Statewide
  • WSU News Article 10/28/2014, Rock Doc Column: The Start of a Better Trend For Diabetes

Screening Events: Watch for screening events occurring around the state through separate announcements.