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Latest from HRS

Blue a white background with falling snowflakes, a red and blue spherical tree ornament, and the words Happy New Year.

Greetings and Happy New Year! One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is having the opportunity to meet

Winter is Here!

A person in a red coat walking down a snowy sidewalk with a WSU banner hanging from a lamp post in the foreground, covered in snow.

With more winter weather on its way, make sure to take it slow and be safe whether you’re walking or

Employee Engagement Survey

44.7% response rate up from 28.7% in 2016. 3,012 respondents. Employee satisfaction: 64.8% of respondents always or often satisfied at work. 39.2% administrative professional; 30.4% faulty; and 30.3% classified staff.

On Monday, March 28, 2016, Human Resources Services (HRS) will invite all employees system-wide on active Faculty, Administrative, and Classified

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