We are excited to announce Kelly Beckman Nigro with the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as one of our Crimson Spirit Award Winners for this quarter!

Kelly is a tremendous asset to her department and the people on her team. Her effective management style helps her department run smoothly and harmoniously. Her nominator notes that, “She achieves a smooth departmental functioning with a combination of a high degree of professionalism and a humble and friendly harmonizing influence. She is respected and adored by the faculty as a whole, and by the staff she manages. Her approach to work is professional, friendly, honest, and humble, and this motivates and inspires those around her, including both faculty and staff.”

Kelly is always ready to promptly provide timely assistance to those that she works with. She “is universally considered a star because she never fails to immediately address and solve any challenge arising with grants, student visas, remote instruction, or class scheduling, etc., usually via teaming with responsible departmental staff and, when folks are overworked, independently.” Kelly has numerous  responsibilities and was instrumental in helping the department find its way in the aftermath of the loss of their department chair in 2021. Her nominator notes that, in the wake of the loss, “Ms. Nigro immediately took on the responsibility of managing the department with a triage strategy that effectively maintained critical operations while postponing Chair-responsible decisions until an interim leadership team was put in place in mid-September.”

Her nominator concludes the nomination by stating that, “Overall Ms. Nigro played a leading role in essentially every aspect of the unit operations, working closely with the interim leadership team and department staff effectively and harmoniously.”

It is easy to see that Kelly Nigro is an integral part of her department and an absolute asset to WSU. We are proud to add her to our list of Crimson Spirit Award winners!