We are excited to announce Lindsey Brown with the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness as our latest Crimson Spirit Award winner!

Lindsey had several nominations for the award and is incredibly deserving of her win. Lindsey analyzes data with the Office of Assessment for Curricular Effectiveness in order to help WSU students receive the best education that they can. She “consistently demonstrates outstanding work quality and service and she applies creative problem-solving to support faculty and administrators involved in student learning outcomes assessment.” One of her nominators notes how Lindsey “brings insights and creative skills to collaborate on the design of assessment measures and tools, customizing the approach and technology to fit faculty needs in widely different departments and disciplines.”

Lindsey’s worth with her department is invaluable, and she “can always be counted on to anticipate technical needs and potential issues, and develop creative, workable solutions. She also thinks deeply about assessment questions and purposes and has continually improved the processes and analysis.” Her work during the COVID-19 pandemic has been immensely helpful to her coworker and for faculty, and she “has continued to anticipate needs and bring creative solutions to working with faculty, as the pandemic impacted nearly all aspects of instruction and posed additional challenge to assessing student work.”

We are so happy to have Lindsey join our list of Crimson Spirit Award Winners, and in the words of one of her nominators, “Lindsey is also a WSU alumnus and I think she exemplifies what we desire to see in our graduates.”