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Long Term Disability

LTD Open Enrollment occurring in March 2019!

Basic Plan

The Basic Long Term Disability Plan is employer (WSU) paid, and provides a benefit of 60% of the first $400 of pre-disability earnings.

The waiting period is 90 calendar days.

The maximum benefit payable is $240 per month.  The minimum benefit is $50 per month.  Benefits begin after 90 calendar days of disability, or after the exhaustion of accumulated sick leave.

Optional Plan

The Optional Long Term Disability Plan is employee paid, and will pay 60% of the first $10,000 of your pre-disability earnings.

You select the waiting period, i.e. how long you would wait before an approved claim would begin to provide coverage.  Disabilities may be temporary (e.g. maternity, surgery) or permanent.

The minimum benefit is $100 per month.

Coverage begins on the first of the month following enrollment, however, any pre-existing conditions are not covered for 12 months.

Requests to enroll after the first 31 days of employment require company approval.  Any prior medical problems (e.g. backpain, knee pain, diabetes, cancer,etc.) may result in a denial of coverage.

Premiums are based on a percentage of your monthly salary.  The rates vary with the length of your waiting period and on your retirement plan eligibility.

Note: Optional Long Term Disability insurance is not available to seasonal employees who work a season that is less than nine months.


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