Using this form please identify a minimum of 10 individuals you recommend to participate in your upcoming Progress Review.

  • Your Information (Subject)

    Enter the name and title of the subject (senior leader) being evaluated.
  • The name of the subject being evaluated.
  • The job title of the subject being evaluated.
  • Evaluators Information

    Please identify the ten individuals (evaluators/raters) you would like to have participate in your Progress Review. Fill out the required information for each of your 10 evaluators.
  • Raters should be individuals with whom the senior leader being reviewed generally interacts in conducting the unit's business. This group can be chosen from:

    • University or external administrative peers/associates
    • Direct reports
    • Others within the administrative unit
    • The responsible administrator

    In addition to the group of ten individuals you identify, you will be reviewed by each President’s Cabinet member and the President’s administrative support staff, including but not limited to the President’s Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant.

    WSU’s Chief Human Resource Officer will also select a minimum of ten individuals to participate in the evaluation process.

    President Schulz will automatically be part of your review and does not need to be listed here.

    Overall you will have a combined total of approximately 40 evaluators participating in your Progress Review.

  • Please enter the full name, title, email address, brief reason for selection, and relationship to the subject being evaluated. For example: (Name) Butch Cougar, (Title) Mascot Extraordinaire, (Email), (Reason for Selection) Several joint projects focused on promoting WSU, (Relationship Category) Peer.
    First NameLast NameTitleEmailReason for SelectionRelationship Category