WSUTC 360 Evaluators Selection

Using this form please identify from ten to fifteen (10-15) individuals you recommend as your 360° evaluators.

  • Your Information

    Enter the name and title of the subject (senior leader) being evaluated.
  • The name of the subject being evaluated.
  • The job title of the subject being evaluated.
  • Evaluators Information

    Fill out the required information for each of your ten to fifteen (10-15) selected evaluators.
  • Raters should be individuals with whom the senior leader being reviewed generally interacts in conducting the unit's business. This group can be chosen from:

    • University or external administrative peers/associates
    • Direct reports
    • Others within the administrative unit
  • Please enter the full name, title, email address, reason for selection, and relationship to the subject being evaluated.
    First NameLast NameTitleEmailReason for SelectionRelationship