Positions in this series perform work requiring knowledge and experience that is specific to a program. Organize and perform work related to program operations independent of the daily administrative office needs of the supervisor. Represent the program to clients, participants and/or members of the public.


  • A program is a specialized area with specific complex components and tasks that distinguish it from other programs (or the main body of an organization).
  • A program is specific to a particular subject and has a specific mission, goals, and objectives.
  • A program typically has an identifiable funding source and separate budget code.

The specific components and specialized tasks involve interpretation of policies, procedures and regulations, budget coordination/administration, independent functioning. Typically requires public contact relating specifically to program subject matter, clients, and participants.

Duties are not of a general support nature transferable from one program to another. Performance of clerical duties is in support of an incumbent’s performance of specialized tasks. Independent performance of these duties usually requires at least a six-month training period.

Program Assistant

Perform specialized technical/clerical duties in support of a program activity.

PA Sample 1
Specialty: Maintaining student records and providing student advising support.

PA Sample 2
Specialty: Providing support for development functions and event coordination.

PA Sample 3
Specialty: Maintaining student records including databases and hard copy files.

Program Coordinator

Coordinate the operation of a specialized or technical program. Under general direction, perform work using knowledge and experience specific to the program. Exercise independent judgment in interpreting and applying rules and regulations. Independently advise students, staff, program participants and/or the public regarding program content, policies, procedures and activities; select/recommend alternative courses of action and either:

  • Project, monitor, maintain, initiate and/or approve expenditures on program budgets; OR
  • Have extensive involvement with students, staff, the public and/or agencies in carrying out program activities, and coordinate, schedule and monitor program activities to determine consistency with program goals.

PC Sample 1
Specialty: Advising students regarding admissions, academic requirements, and/or credential evaluations.

PC Sample 2
Specialty: Coordinating events.

PC Sample 3
Specialty: Coordinating student groups, including fiscal duties (budget, cash handling, purchasing, travel, payroll) and complex clerical duties in support of the student groups’ operations.

Program Career Ladder – Advising

A suggested career ladder for student advising is as follows:

Program Coordinator: student advising specialty. (Salary range 37)

Curriculum Advisor: student advising duties, more responsibilities than a Program Assistant but less responsibilities than a Program Coordinator. (Salary range 35)

Program Assistant: student advising support specialty. (Salary range 32)

Civil Service job classes are established and maintained by the Office of the State Human Resources Director. View complete class specifications and salary information at www.hr.wa.gov.