Joseph Jason “JJ” Oliver

A smiling man with a goatee and glasses.


I arrived in Pullman in August of 1990 with my parents and two sisters from upstate New York and central Minnesota. My father, Dean of the College of Education, said Washington was the Evergreen State so there were trees everywhere in response to our inquiry of what to expect. We quickly assumed his interview was at night. In spite of the lack of trees I have come to love the rolling hills of the Palouse and have worked with some salt of the earth people across this institution. When I began my tenure in the Admissions Office, I wanted to help students realize college acceptance, then moved to Financial Aid Office to help students find the resources to pay for their dreams, to now helping donors find passion with their philanthropy in WSU Advancement. My employment has been a blessing.

As an alum, and donor, I am invested and believe in helping WSU achieve its full potential. I enjoy trying to add value in serving on committees over the years such as, recruitment and scholarship committees, Athletic Council, Alumni Association, and our Black Faculty & Staff Association as well as volunteering during athletic events. Maybe most importantly, WSU is where I met my most amazing wife.

When not working or serving WSU, Cheryl and I are trying to raise great citizens in the two children still in the nest by coaching, ubering, and serving them on their desired journeys. I am also a sports fan of all kinds love college football/volleyball season. Pullman is a great college town that has allowed us to raise our wonderful family, see some great sports competitions, great concerts, art and cultural exhibitions. Thank you for a marvelous 25ys. Go Cougs!

Illustration of the Washington state topography.