Shawn Stauber Paulson

A man with a short beard next to a Quarty Century Club certificate.


When I was born, I became the third generation to live in Pullman. My grandfather, Con Maddox, was involved in animal husbandry and his research entailed developing techniques to safely store frozen meats which lead to the popular practice of using frozen meat lockers. Some older residents may remember the lockers available at Finch’s Market on South Grand. Unfortunately, he died when my mother was only two weeks old, so we never had a chance to know him personally.

My mother grew up in Pullman and met my father when he came from his fraternity across the street to grandmother’s apartment looking to borrow a bucket of water. My father received a Criminal Justice degree from WSU and was a Pullman police officer for 16 years; he was named chief in 1979. He retired from the force in 1982 and started his second, longer, career as a school bus driver. My mother worked at the Hilltop Steakhouse and Inn as a receptionist, waitress, and gardener. They are now both retired and living in Spokane.

I started working on the Tech Crew at Beasley Coliseum in the fall of 1983. In 1986 I followed friends and began working in a theater in Portland, Oregon. In 1988 I returned to Pullman and rejoined the Tech Crew at Beasley. By 1992, I was working enough on timeslip to start contributions to the retirement system. In 1996 I applied for, and was promoted to my staff position, Stage Technician 2.

I enjoy my work and my position and have chosen to not pursue advancement. My hobbies include bicycling, walking, photography, digital modeling, jewelry, and art collecting.

Illustration of the Washington state topography.