The Role of Actions, Attitudes, and Language in Breaking Down Institutional and Systematic Disability Barriers. This interactive workshop will take a look at the multiple frameworks used to discuss and define disability, provide an overview of the often-overlooked history of disability, disability rights, and the ways in which language has evolved over time. We will then explore disability allyship in multiple forms, starting with the creation of inclusive spaces and attitudes and moving into the ways in which our use of language has the largest impact on the spaces we participate in.

Workshop Learning Objectives:
• Participants will learn how to be become an advocate or ally and how they can use their voice to work with people with disabilities to remove common institutional barriers
• Participants will understand how multiple identities can impact or limit access to essential services and how multiple disability identities can contribute to some of these struggles
• Participants will understand how disability prejudice and bias can lead to discrimination toward the disability community
• Participants will understand how the two prominent models of disability influence how they treat people with disabilities
• Participants will be able to demonstrate person-first language

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